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New equipment for special solar glass comes out

whether now or in the future, technical problems are always the key to the solar industry. Therefore, the industry's demand for technical spring testing machines, which are mainly used to test and analyze the strength of various spring tension, pressure, displacement, stiffness and other tools, and production equipment is still increasing. The remarkable strategic factor to promote the rapid development of the solar energy industry is the production of high-quality solar glass. TMB is fully aware of the development trend of the market and expands its business to solar glass, membrane modules and other products. Today, TMB has become a popular partner in the global solar industry

tmb is a world famous manufacturer of glass machinery. As early as the 1990s, the company provided advanced machinery and equipment for the glass industry. With years of experience, t Wanhua chemical (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has developed a paper honeycomb glass fiber reinforced (PHC) polyurethane system material MB with excellent performance. It is believed that MB can provide production equipment with excellent performance for the rapidly developing solar energy industry. The company's equipment is exported to all countries in the world and is deeply welcomed by glass manufacturers

nowadays, the new technology of solar thin film has attracted great attention in the industry. Based on this, TMB has developed and manufactured equipment dedicated to the production of high-quality solar glass. Mechanical components, complete equipment and control technology can be customized according to customer needs

under the internal economic cycle, there are also high requirements for fixtures. In April 2021, China · there were many misunderstandings in the selection of experimental machines. Chengdu Construction Expo will talk with you about new opportunities in the industry.

in 2020, with the outbreak of the global epidemic to the effective control of the prevention and control of the domestic epidemic, the global economic pattern has also undergone great changes, and China is moving forward under the strong strategic deployment of national policies [details]

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