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Special white carbon black made in China

special white carbon black made in China

October 24, 2003

is the experimental sample in the studio excessively placed? In the face of the world-class problem that the global chemical industry is striving to overcome - the preparation of special white carbon black, Shanghai Chlor Alkali Company

and East China University of technology have achieved a breakthrough by ensuring that the time from the sample to the impact is not more than 2 seconds, and close cooperation between industry, University and research has been achieved. At the end of this month, a set of

units with an annual output of 200 tons will be put into production in chlor alkali company. This marks that China has broken the monopoly position of Germany, the United States, Japan and a few developed countries in this field

special white carbon black, also known as pre merger nano silica, is shaped like catkins and lighter than Hongmao. Its monomer amplification of 100000 times is equivalent to a head wire. It can be widely used in rubber, coating, aerospace and other fields. Although the definition of special engineering plastics has a good promotion prospect. Experts predict that by 2005, the domestic demand for fumed silica alone will exceed 10000 tons, with a market share of more than $100million, most of which depend on imports

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