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CNR Tianjin, November 11 (chenqingbin) on November 10, the founding meeting of the medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association was held in Tianjin. The professional committee, initiated by the China Research Hospital Association, has gathered all forces of the medical image ecosystem, will build a class a performance cooperation system for production, learning, research and application, and is committed to promoting the integration and development of artificial intelligence and medical image, and promoting the development process of intelligent medical image

after decades of development, today's AI is moving towards the era of 2.0. To promote the rapid combination of medical imaging and artificial intelligence, China should not only promote scientific and technological innovation, but also attach great importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Meng Xiangming, Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese Research Hospital Association, said that the medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence Professional Committee of the Chinese Research Hospital Association should fully base itself on the advantages of academic research ability, constantly promote the combination of clinical and scientific research, and cultivate medical talents for higher-level high and low temperature experiments. Generally, due to the limited travel of the experimental machine (the travel of the experimental machine when installing the standard fixture), the clinical medical level should be improved

Ma Lin, director of the Department of Radiology Diagnosis of the PLA General Hospital, said frankly that at present, the application of artificial intelligence in medical imaging is mainly focused on the lungs, bones and joints, mammary glands, abdominal solid organs, central nervous system, etc., focusing on a single task. Through massive learning and training and continuous verification of effectively labeled imaging data, we can achieve high-efficiency film reading and high sensitivity, and form structured reports and dynamic tracking, So as to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and the quality of medical data

China's research-based hospital products are also equipped with clearance eliminating fastening devices and adjustable clearance universal joint devices. Dr. Wu Zhenzhou, vice chairman of the medical imaging and Artificial Intelligence Professional Committee of the association and chief technical officer of Beijing ande Medical Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd., believes that it conforms to clinical use scenarios, can really improve efficiency and accuracy, and is friendly to human-computer interaction, And the products that practically assist doctors to make accurate diagnosis as the terminal solution are the AI products that hospitals really need

at the scene, Cao Ying, a researcher of the innovation drive Research Institute of the national innovation and Development Strategy Research Association, took the medical AI clinical auxiliary product "biomind" developed by the National Clinical Research Center for nervous system diseases as an example to illustrate the feasibility and practicality of artificial intelligence in clinical auxiliary diagnosis of medical images. She introduced that "biomind" is a clinical data exercise jointly participated by nearly 300 top medical experts and the world's top AI technology team from the National University of Singapore, which finally provides doctors with the reference of the overall solution, and truly realizes the close integration of technology around medical treatment and clinical cooperation. And let me briefly tell you a few points. It is learned that the special committee will build a bridge between the two fields of medical imaging and artificial intelligence, cooperate with relevant departments, continue to strengthen academic research, build a clinical system, and coordinate the application of scientific research and clinical transformation; By promoting the application and promotion of medical imaging AI products, guide enterprises to accelerate the research and development of new products and constantly improve their innovation ability; Actively build a communication platform, production and demand docking platform, scientific and technological achievements transformation platform, high-end demonstration application platform and standard setting platform for the member units of the special committee

Wang Mingxiao, vice president of the China Association of research hospitals, awarded licenses to affiliated units such as the General Hospital of the people's Liberation Army (photographed by Zhang Jing, a correspondent of China Guangfa)


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