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Special thermoplastic elastomer materials meet the increasingly demanding requirements of automotive applications: bumper spoiler

sarlink k-156 elastomer produced by teknor apex Jinan experimental machine factory looks forward to your excellent results, outstanding toughness, and can prevent scratches caused by the curb; At present, the material has excellent processing properties at the same time, and can be used in the double injection molding process of producing long parts and rigid and elastic materials

Geleen, the Netherlands, March 3, 2011: teknor apex launched a thermoplastic elastomer material specially developed for bumper spoilers. Bumper spoiler is an injection molded part, which is increasingly used by automobile manufacturers to improve fuel economy

the spoiler is installed below or on both sides of the bumper, which not only helps to reduce the air resistance coefficient and wind noise when driving, but also prevents damage to the bumper when parking at a high place along the sidewalk or parking lot. Ed Deckers, business development manager of European automotive market of teknor apex, pointed out that sarlink k-156 elastomer has both rigidity and elasticity, and can resist scratches on these structures

"selink k-156 material has successfully achieved commercial application in some models of Renault and Volkswagen. In addition, we have also developed a special high mobility selink material for the production of soft parts, which has been used in some models of Citroen, Peugeot and Toyota.". Mr. Deckers said, "as automobile manufacturers try to improve the aerodynamic performance of vehicles, these materials are expected to be more widely used in the field of bumper spoilers that will gradually lower the bumper. At the same time, we expect that because this high-performance elastomer has the ability to withstand harsh external conditions, it will also be used in other automotive fields, including external protective strips and fenders."

deckers pointed out that salink k-156 showed excellent resistance under the conditions of long-term exposure to water mist, road salt, ultraviolet light and a minimum of minus 40 C

sarlink k-156 material developers have adopted the formula design with high melt strength and good melt fluidity, which are the characteristics required by the bumper spoiler. Such extensions can be up to 1.8 meters (nearly 6 feet) long and have thin-walled parts. As Mr. Deckers said: "Sailink k-156 has the characteristics of uniform mold filling and high surface quality of formed parts. In addition, this elastomer is compatible with other polyolefins, so it can achieve good bonding effect with rigid polypropylene when forming multiple materials. This not only reduces an assembly step and reduces the weight through the combination of parts, but also provides the possibility for the recycling of all parts, without the need to separate materials first."

photo: Dazhong Tu 8. Roll and press the recording paper on the rotating drum of the drawing drum. The bumper spoiler molded by sarlink k-156 is used, that is, the black part behind the bumper lamp in the figure

see the attached table for the physical property data of salink k-156.

the thermoplastic elastomer Business Department of teknor apex is responsible for the sales work around the world. The selink thermoplastic vulcanized rubber (TPV) process used by teknor apex is a patented technology. The materials produced have excellent rubber like properties and can be processed efficiently like other thermoplastic materials. Compared with other widely used thermoplastic elastomers, sailink TPV has outstanding heat resistance (up to 135 C./275 f), chemical resistance, weather resistance and wear resistance

The thermoplastic elastomer division of teknor apex is the most diversified manufacturer of thermoplastic elastomers, providing eight categories of products according to chemical classification, and has eight thermoplastic elastomer factories in the United States, Europe and Asia. Headquartered in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, the division is an international supplier of household equipment, automobiles, construction, medical facilities, cables and other consumer and industrial products. Other plastics businesses of teknor apex include bioplastics, nylon, special compounds, vinyl products and teknor masterbatch. For more information, please visit the company website:

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