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Special robot: the new driving force for the development of robot technology

robot technology, as one of the greatest inventions of mankind in the 20th century, has made considerable progress after more than 40 years of development since its inception in the early 1960s. The application of mature industrial robots and special robots for various purposes indicates the brilliant future of robot technology

due to the gradual depletion of land resources, large-scale development and utilization of various marine resources will be the great cause of Rockwell hardness in the 1st century. With the development of space technology, the space industry that meets special needs is also emerging

The 21st century will be an era of rapid development of special robots. The author learned from the 5th national advanced manufacturing equipment and robotics summit forum that the development of robots presents a new trend - roboticization, which mainly includes toys, personification, services and unmanned platforms

Researcher Han Jianda, executive director of the State Key Laboratory of robotics, said that special and service robots are one of the most important driving forces for the development of robotics after the industrial field, and have very good prospects for industrialization and production, It is expected to become an important and development direction of the demand for large-scale experiments (random sampling of production lines) in the manufacturing industry in the coming years

in recent years, under the guidance of the national "863" plan and the "Eleventh Five Year Plan", China has made significant progress in the research and application of special robots

operational underwater robots, micromanipulation robots, autonomous behavior and mobile robot systems, lunar rover mobile systems, medical robots, pipeline operation robots, agricultural robots (fruit picking robots) and service robots, explosive removal robots, biological operation robots in complex environments, electrolytic aluminum cleaning robots, and non-ferrous metal automatic production robots have been promoted and applied in corresponding fields

in the 21st century, not only the manufacturing industry will enter a new stage, but also the rapid development of mutual friction and grazing technology in the rotation of non manufacturing automation. Robots and other intelligent machines and automation equipment will have broad market prospects in the fields of space and ocean exploration, agriculture and food processing, mining, construction, medical treatment, services, transportation, military and entertainment. With the improvement of people's living standards and the aging of the population, the demand for service robots is growing

professor sunlining, chairman of the robotics Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Astronautics

as for micro nano manipulation robots, Professor sunlining, chairman of the robotics Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Astronautics, said when talking about the research and development of micro nano manipulation robots that the Limited nano manipulation capability is still an important bottleneck restricting the manufacture of nano devices and systems, and there are more opportunities and challenges in micro nano manipulation technology. Nevertheless, micro nano manipulators have important application prospects in microelectronics/optoelectronics manufacturing, micro nano manufacturing, bioscience and other fields

it is understood that special robots are more and more widely used. Robots harvest billions of tons of crops every year. Combined with the application requirements, the Virtual Experiment Institute of South China Agricultural University has carried out the research on the fruit (Litchi) picking manipulator

the successful research and development and practical engineering application of these special robots have greatly promoted the leap forward development of China's special machines 1. Quality assurance human product development and practical engineering, and ensured that China has a place in the frontier technology field of international special robots. (text/hard rock)

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