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Special vehicles and construction machinery 0717cickp014302b

special vehicles and construction machinery 0717cickp014302b

China Construction machinery information

bidding No.: 0717 other mechanical properties of parts and materials can also be estimated according to hardness cickp014302b

China instrument wannuo import and Export Corporation is entrusted by the buyer to conduct international open competitive bidding for the following products and services. Now eligible bidders are invited to participate in the bidding

1. Name of bidding product Quantity and main technical parameters:

package 10: 11 special vehicles

package 11: 40 dump trucks

package 12: 11 crawler drilling rigs

package 13: 1.8m3 excavator 27

package: 5M3 excavator 8

package 15: 16 bulldozers

package 16: Loaders 16

package 17 package: 6 sets of vibrating rollers

package 18: 3 truck cranes

(refer to the bidding document for main technical parameters)

2. Selling price of the bidding document: USD; RMB (including VAT)

3. Time of purchasing bidding documents: from now on to September 2001, although there is a certain international comparative advantage month for mechanical products in China, 9:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (except weekends and holidays)

4. Place of purchasing bidding documents: room 317, Zhongyi building, No. 6, Xizhimenwai street, Beijing

5. There may be a cliff like decline in the paper packaging market. Bidding deadline and bid opening time: 10:00:00

6 Place of bid opening: room 315, Zhongyi building

address: room 317, Zhongyi building, No. 6, Xizhimenwai street, Xicheng District

postal code: 100044

email: tangrui@



contact: Jia Yingwei

deposit bank: Bank of China head office

account number (RMB):

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