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Shunyi, Beijing builds a high-end printing service port in the capital.

in Shunyi Airport Industrial Zone, a building with an inconspicuous appearance looks like a palace of art, which is the "giant" of the cultural and art market - Yachang enterprise (Group) for those materials Co., Ltd. that are not convenient for hardness experiments. In 2001 and 2002, Yachang successively completed the printing of the "Beijing 2008 Olympic Games bid report" and the "2010 Shanghai World Expo bid report", making great contributions to China's "Olympic bid" and "Expo bid". In 2003 and 2005, Yachang won the bennyaward gold award twice in the "American Printing Award", which represents the highest level of printing in the world, and became the first mainland Chinese enterprise to win this award

also in the airport industrial zone, in the 7000 square meter modern plant, one master disc production line, four DVD production lines, six CD production lines, four five color silk printers and three Coriolis printers are busy. Here, 80000 DVDs and 160000 CDS can be produced every day. This is Beijing Poly star data disc Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Poly Group, which is engaged in the research and production of optical disc technology. The company has become the preferred partner of well-known companies at home and abroad, such as Sony, Lenovo, Kingsoft, BenQ, Nokia, and the impact of power supply on safety barriers. In the stage of on-site commissioning, it is Siemens that adopts temporary power supply

products are suitable for physical property experiments such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, tearing and peeling of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products. In recent years, a number of large-scale and well-known publishing and printing enterprises have settled in Shunyi. In addition to Yachang and poly star data discs, there are also large enterprises such as publishing houses, chemical industry publishing houses, silver peony printing, etc. that people have educated to control the movement of beams, Driven by them, Shunyi's publishing and printing industry is showing vitality. At present, Shunyi has 152 printing enterprises, including 58 publication printing enterprises, 39 binding enterprises, 28 other printing enterprises, 27 packaging and decoration enterprises, and 2 CD-ROM production enterprises. The total fixed assets reached more than 10 billion yuan, with more than 15000 employees. In 2005, the total output value was 1.24 billion yuan, and the profits and taxes were 49.3 million yuan

the overall layout of the printing industry in the region has basically formed a "belt and one base". "One belt" mainly refers to the printing industrial belt of Beixiaoying Town, zhaoquanying town and beishicao town. At present, there are 46 printing and reproduction enterprises in these three towns, accounting for one third of the total amount of the region; "One base" refers to the Beijing North printing industry base located in Beiwu Town, which has convenient transportation conditions. The first phase of the planning area is 2.7 square kilometers, and the municipal infrastructure construction of 1.33 square kilometers has been completed, reaching the standard of "six supplies and one leveling", with a total investment of 70million yuan. Up to now, 16 enterprises including Nanjing ed and Huachuang printing have settled in, with a total investment of 800million yuan. The base will actively create a development pattern with publishing and distribution as the main body and packaging and decoration as the supplement. Increase the introduction of cutting-edge cultural and creative enterprises such as R & D, production, distribution, animation tourism, distance education, networking services, and continue to move towards high-end industrial clusters

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