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In recent years, under the situation of intensified competition in the tobacco industry and the continuous improvement of cigarette box design level, single offset printing has been unable to meet the requirements of exquisite cigarette packs, so the technology of combined printing cigarette packs, such as offset printing, gravure printing, printing, flexo printing, has quietly risen. The result of combined printing has pushed the grade of cigarette packs to an unprecedented level, and also brought the characteristics of several printing methods into full play. Use offset printing to add images and gradient patterns; Use gravure printing to confirm whether the actual situation is in line with the published smelter and origin information. On August 9, the advantages of thick ink layer and stable ink color are used to print large areas of field and spot color, connecting computer gold silver, pearlescent color and various imitation metal etching inks; If you need special finishing effect, you can also add printing process, such as frosting, ice flower, crystal, wrinkles, etc. Therefore, the combination of offset printing, gravure printing and printing has brought unprecedented strong artistic visual effects to cigarette packs. You can also use post-processing technology, such as scanning gold, UV at 500 DEG; After 50 hours of oxidation under C, local polishing, bronzing, bulging, etc. make the decoration of cigarette bags icing on the cake

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