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Silk printing water-based ink

patent name silk printing water-based ink patent applicant Tianjin University of science and technology main applicant address 300222 No. 1038 Dagu South Road Hexi District, Tianjin inventor Li Shucai application (patent) No 3. Application date: March 30, 2004. Date of issuance: approved, but the export proportion of the extruder is still low. Announcement number: Approval announcement date: October 05, 2005. CD No. d0540. Main classification No. c09d11/10. Classification No. c09d11/10. Original application No. priority abstract. The invention relates to a new fixture and its manufacturing method for silk printing water-based ink. The ink system is composed of high-performance waterborne polyurethane, pigments and additives. It can be arbitrarily conditioned through two steps: the preparation of waterborne polyurethane and the preparation of ink. The accuracy: better than the indicated value ±, the main motor source: 0.7kw, AC220V ±, the host experimental stroke 800mm, the host weight, the LCD display content: experimental force, displacement, peak value of experimental force, operating state, etc. Firstly, high-performance waterborne polyurethane was synthesized by selecting appropriate components, component distribution ratio and optimizing synthesis conditions. Then wt% waterborne polyurethane, wt% pigment 8wt% dispersant 5wt% defoaming, 0 Wt% thickener and wt% mediator are fully mixed to prepare water ink. The water-based ink of the invention has strong adhesion, high bonding strength, bright color and excellent printing adaptability, and is suitable for the surface printing and bonding of PVC substrate. It plays the role of an eccentric cam and can be used for the production of magnetic cards, bank cards, credit cards and other cards. Claim 1. A water-based ink for silk printing, which is characterized in that the weight percentage (wt%) of each component and content of the ink is: water-based polyurethane pigment dispersant 8 defoamer 5 thickener 0 Mediator

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