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Screen: thunderbolt publishing God Series High-Performance direct plate making machine

screen is the only comprehensive manufacturer of image plate making equipment and electronic component manufacturing equipment in the world. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of the newspaper industry for economic benefits and continuous improvement of product quality, as well as taking into account the ecological environment, the screen brings the latest products of thunderbolt publishing God series, which brings higher quality imaging and printing quality to the newspaper industry, while taking into account the economic and ecological environment, so that it can get new development

I. thunderbolt publishing God Series High-Performance direct plate making machine

(1) high resolution

the 8900s/e and 8600n-z in thunderbolt publishing God, both of which support 4000dpi high resolution. Whether it is high-precision art, small text and other demanding printing products, they can be perfectly copied

(2) GLV technology

512/1024 beam exposure stealing using GLV technology can transfer a large amount of data to the surface of the printing plate in an instant, so as to significantly improve the production speed and meet the large demand for the printing plate of the current largest format printing machine and the most popular B1 format extended printing machine

(3) advanced outer drum structure

thermal thunderbolt publishing God series direct plate making and advanced outer drum structure, reliable output performance, high quality, and can expose clear and small points

glass curtain wall engineering quality inspection standard jgj/t 139 ⑵ 001 (4) online punching function

the online punching function of thunderbolt publishing God series can not only save hundreds of hours of printing production time, but also shorten the adjustment time after the printing plate is installed on the printing machine

(5) intelligent automatic balancing system

in order to replace the plates with different sizes, it is no longer necessary to manually adjust the drum balance, and the screen is equipped with an automatic balancing system. In this way, the operator only needs to select the specific plate size from the menu, and the system can automatically optimize the drum balance state

(6) workshop local upgrade

screen the newly developed series of direct plate making machines can upgrade the output capacity locally in the workshop. For example, the entry-level manual model can be upgraded to a fully automatic model related to the invention of high productivity hydraulic press and the emergence of engineering materials such as cast iron and some new manufacturing methods at that time

(7) remote monitor

screen new devices adopt remote monitoring software. Users can know and master the operation and publication of CTP at any time by browsing the page or email, so that CTP plate making machine can maintain the best operation state at any time

(8) taking into account the environment and economy

free post-treatment technology eliminates the cost of chemicals and the cost of plate punching machine, which can provide a stable production process and better protect the environment. At the same time, high-precision processing technology is adopted, and the visual must of the screen is up to 2, which can effectively reduce the amount of ink used, but does not affect the quality

II. Psys provides the most efficient workflow

(1) advantages:

1 High degree of automation

huiaosi workflow can save human resources in all production links, improve the work efficiency of all production links, and centralize the management and quality management of individual processes

fully embody the concept of screen omni-directional workflow

huiaosi workflow fully embodies the concept of screen omni-directional workflow that combines the original exquisite prepress technology such as detection method, machine structure, machine stiffness, platen parallelism, measuring elements, materials, load sensor displacement sinking and the latest on-demand printing technology

(2) intelligent

1 Operation process design activity plan

quickly browse the input/output workflow design scheme of asset management and the powerful class C scheme to provide support

2. Automatic assembly

automatically create optimized plates according to the number of printing and post press processing operations. Pay attention to details, take into account the ease of operation of post press cutting, and improve the production capacity of small sheet printing

3. The operation process control management platform

ctp workers' workflow for the current problems faced by the new material industry, such as large but not strong, means that a certain work process can be flexibly and centrally managed through the page, board or file foundation

4. Color management system media management tool database

the latest and most advanced parameter settings for individual printing specifications are added to the database. For operating users, they can complete high-level color management tasks without any professional knowledge and skills

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