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Screen soft proofing technology has matured.

GATF survey shows that 70% of printing buyers will use screen soft proofing, which can also better help printing enterprises participate in competition

screen soft proofing has fundamentally changed the old workflow, enabling printing enterprises to provide customers with accurate samples as soon as possible through the Internet

swop certification system has certified Apple LCD and screen proofing software (such as ICs remote director, Kodak matchprint, dalim dialog) according to iso12464:2004, so as to obtain a soft contract sample. These hardware and software make the contract sample accurate and can be used as a legally binding agreement. With a mature, tested and stable platform, affordable displays and color calibration devices, screen soft proofing has created a new era of digital publishing and printing

Kodak's research shows that 98.6% of the proofing cycle is used for sending samples, and only 1.4% is for actual proofing. In addition, according to kin wahlam of times, if the digital workflow can get rid of the only disjointed link of hard proofing, the whole process will be perfect. Screen soft proofing improves the digital workflow. In addition to saving costs, it can also shorten the geographical distance between printing enterprises and their customers, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the world

screen soft proofing also makes storage, archiving and retrieval easier. Using the media asset management system, digital proofs can be effectively stored to prevent the destruction of natural factors, and the retrieval speed of digital proofs is significantly faster than the traditional file and search system

the screen soft proofing system also supports the workflow of proofing anytime and anywhere. When the key personnel in charge of approving the sample are on a business trip, they can log in and modify the digital sample at any time as if they were in the office

in the United States and other European countries, screen soft proofing is a mature technology, but China is a little slow to accept this new technology. However, as we all know, in the early stage of technology adoption, the higher the risk, the richer the return. It is exciting that all users who first adopted CTP in China are now among the top 100 printing enterprises in China

take time magazine, one of the most successful users of screen soft proofing, as an example. Time magazine has adopted screen soft proofing in many publications in the United States and Asia. Now, they require advertisers to send films to time magazine and no longer accept hard proofs. This change is inevitable

Time magazine needs to process 1620 samples every week. It should also consider whether the oil is too thin and dirty, and the turnover time should be continuous for 7 weeks. The total number of samples processed in a year is more than 84000. Time is money. Using screen soft proofing can save (d1+ D2) <12, and the size deviation and appearance quality are qualified; Save a lot of labor costs. This does not include other costs, such as the delivery of proofs and communication expenses. Time magazine is now able to provide better and faster services to its customers, thereby shortening the publishing cycle

classic case: Ruili aims at the application heat of screen soft proofing

ctp. Screen soft proofing has pulled out a new industrial chain, which makes people recognize this trend again. With the continuous development and maturity of display technology, software color presentation and management functions, and the popularity of file exchange formats such as PDF and network, the screen soft proofing scheme has entered a mature application stage. As a fashion magazine with the largest circulation in China, Beijing Ruili magazine will take the lead in adopting the screen soft proofing scheme in some columns of Ruili home design magazine, so as to improve the printing workflow

in January 2007, in order to make the application of screen soft proofing technology more localized, the China Institute of Printing Science and technology and Beijing Institute of printing jointly launched the screen soft proofing test project, and recently launched the "screen soft proofing test report". This project is supported by Apple China, Beijing shengcaihong plate making and Printing Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Hualian Printing Co., Ltd. and Beijing Ruili magazine

Lishuguang, the visual director of Beijing Ruili magazine, said: as a fashion magazine, Ruili requires quite high visual effects, and the advertisers we face also have high requirements for printing quality. Fashion magazines are characterized by a large number of pictures and frequent picture modifications. Sometimes, even when the magazine is about to be sent to the printing plant, the latest style of a garment may have occurred. Therefore, the treatment of waste plastic particles will become a hot change in the future. The pictures need to be replaced immediately, and the samples need to be checked after replacement. In this case, the previous printing methods are stretched. As the designated plate making company of Beijing Ruili magazine, Beijing shengcaihong plate making and Printing Technology Co., Ltd. recommended this technology to Beijing Ruili magazine by virtue of its accumulated experience in screen soft proofing for many years, so as to shorten the process, improve efficiency and increase time. Beijing Ruili magazine is very interested in this technology, which has been applied very mature abroad, and said that if it works well, it is expected to be adopted in the publication of Shanghai new magazine

from a global perspective, the main debate about the application of screen soft proofing is whether the proofs are trustworthy. During the test, the testers mainly focused on this argument, comprehensively tested and analyzed the cinema system display, and also tested and evaluated the remote soft proofing software ICs remote director. A large amount of data were obtained, and 10 conclusions were drawn based on the analysis of the test data. Based on these conclusions, it can be seen that the tested display can reach a degree close to the printing color after color management. For most printing situations, as long as we master the use method, we can meet the requirements of screen soft proofing at the medium and high-end printing quality level

however, it must be pointed out that screen soft proofing is based on color management, and color management is not just the color management of the display, but must be based on comprehensive color management. Color management is required in all links of printing, so that the colors of the whole printing process are unified and consistent, so as to achieve the results suitable for testing material structure or composite screen soft proofing

in fact, screen soft proofing is not just a commonly said WYSIWYG concept, it brings a more effective way of communication and is committed to a more effective process and production management concept

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