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SD series automatic fire water supply controller

the SD series automatic fire water supply controller jointly developed by the computer room of the Department of computer of Fudan University and Shendan Complete Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. strictly follows the anatomy related to the cushion of selle Royal. The ga30-2002 standard of the Ministry of public security has been carefully studied, making up for the deficiency of PLC in fire water supply control. During the development, we visited dozens of users, consulted many relevant experts, and obtained a large number of first-hand technical information on the scene, especially the support and guidance of the Fire Research Institute. The product has the advantages of reasonable design, perfect function, stable performance, convenient installation, strong compatibility and good anti-interference performance. It can be used in all kinds of harsh environments, meets the latest standard of ga30-2002 of the Ministry of public security, completely replaces similar imported products (PLC), and truly meets the design requirements of full automation and intelligence. This product was promoted at the ga30-2002 new standard publicity and implementation meeting held by the Ministry of public security in Tianjin last August. 3. The five output interfaces of the pulsator configuration of the anchorage fatigue testing machine. Professor Zhang Binglong also made a detailed introduction to the product at the meeting. All the fire control competent units and hundreds of manufacturers of fire water supply equipment attending the meeting agreed that it was a new invention, and the enterprises that also split out after more than 10 years of accumulation Precipitation is a good supporting product with strong reaction

"as for fire water supply control equipment, at present, most of the fire water supply control equipment in the market are completed by PLC. PLC is accepted by most fire enterprises because of its high reliability in industrial control, fast response speed and convenient use. However, in the application of PLC in fire water supply equipment, there are also some weaknesses, such as complex use and weak function. In view of these shortcomings, this product summarizes the application functions. Based on the functions realized by the original PLC, through the application of single chip microcomputer, functions such as equipment inspection, fault record storage and query, liquid crystal display are added, so that the controller is closely combined with the application of fire water supply, making the controller humanized and intelligent. On the one hand, because this product does not need programming, it can work normally only after it is correctly connected to the equipment according to the wiring diagram, so it helps users get rid of the "problem" of use and is convenient to apply. On the other hand, this product can choose a variety of working methods, and can set different technical parameters to meet the different needs of different manufacturers

"SD series automatic fire water supply controller is based on ga30 of the Ministry of public security Designed and manufactured according to the latest standards, it can be widely used in various fire-fighting pneumatic water supply control systems and can completely replace similar imported products. The new generation of fire water supply controller has the advantages of perfect function, stable performance, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, strong compatibility and so on. It has passed the inspection of the national fixed fire extinguishing system and fire-resistant component quality supervision and inspection center. The main technical performance indicators are as follows:

"input port: 24 channels (passive input)

" output port: 16 channels (relay output 10a/22, so power consumption is 10V that we need to pay attention to)

"analog input: 2 channels (remote pressure gauge input)

" pressure gauge range: MPa (accuracy 0.001mpa)

"pressure range can be customized according to customer needs

" automatic inspection cycle: hours

"number of fault records: 49

" AC power supply: 220v/50hz

"working power supply: dc12v/0.4a, dc5v/2a

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