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Screen proofing Apple LCD (Part 2)

the active matrix digital display will not be physically limited by the electron beam scanning screen. Physically, the pixels are independent of each other, and there are electronic switches that can be turned on or off independently. Black pixels can be adjacent to white pixels without difficulty, which forms an incredible clear display effect

for CRT displays, the electron beam is emitted from the center of the cathode ray tube, so at the edge of the screen, it will hit the phosphor at a significant angle rather than directly. The spot of the electron beam will be slightly elliptical rather than circular, causing inevitable clarity problems at the edge of the CRT screen. In wide screen CRT displays, this problem is even more serious, because the electron beam must deflect a larger angle to reach the corner of the screen. In contrast, the LCD display does not hit the light beam at the edge of the experimental screen, including the stretching, tightening, low cycle and high cycle fatigue of materials and parts at a certain angle, so there is no geometric problem. The pixels at the edge of the LCD are as clear as those in the center

2. No jitter

it is well known that watching a jittery display for a long time will cause eye fatigue and headache. CRT displays with high refresh rates have reduced image jitter as much as possible. But 02. The mechanical property is that LCD displays have the inherent advantage of meeting the B1 oxygen index value oi (B2 oxygen index value oi 26%): they do not have the electron beam to quickly "Refresh" the picture on the screen, and each pixel in the LCD is turned on and off independently when needed

3. Low energy consumption

when selecting monitors for computers, visual quality is important, but cost of ownership is also an important factor. Because LCD displays consume only 1/3 of the power of CRT displays, using TFT active matrix LCDs can save a lot of electricity. This is very beneficial to the mass production environment in the design and printing industry

4. Wide viewing angle technology

the core of the extraordinary color quality provided by Apple LCD (which is also different from other LCDs) is the technology used to expand the wide viewing angle. Without this technology, color is different in color, contrast and γ There will be deviation in value. In the wide screen 16:9 display, the consistency without color deviation is very important, which is also the leader of Apple cinema display series. Other LCD manufacturers' so-called wide vision technology may cause color deviation of the same color in the center and corners of the wide screen. Apple LCD uses the best technology in the industry to minimize the color deviation of wide angle. LCD monitors using other visual technologies cannot achieve the minimum color deviation performance that Apple Computer LCD displays have

5. pixel response time

it is very important for print design professionals to have enough clear picture or 3D graphics rendering ability and be able to view detailed details. Apple computer LCD meets these requirements. LCD manufacturers use pixel response time to define this capability. However, this specification does not indicate all. Although the fast pixel response time of black-and-white transition is very important, the response time of intermediate tone transition is also important. It is not enough to measure only the norms of black-and-white transition. Apple computer LCD is designed to provide fast pixel response in the whole spectral range, so that it can well reflect the rich details in multi-color images

6. digital connection

Apple computer drives the flat panel display by using pure digital signals, maximizing the sharpness of the flat panel display and improving its electrical performance. The CRT display uses an analog interface (usually VGA) to create an analog signal from the digital data in the video memory. This conversion will inevitably reduce the image quality on the screen to a certain extent. This degradation of image quality may take many forms, including shading (image edges are blurred), color deviation, vertical and/or horizontal misalignment of visual areas, vertical or horizontal synchronization, and brightness and contrast problems. Especially with higher resolution or longer display cable, the conversion problem will become more serious. The pure digital connection between powermac G4 computer and LCD ensures the visual quality to the greatest extent

7. Perfect design

in addition to providing excellent visual performance, apple computer LCD is also designed as a desktop art. When you see the LCD screen of apple computer, you will notice that the crystal shell makes the display float on the desktop. This not only makes the appearance of the display more attractive, but also makes it easier for the user's eyes to focus on the screen. In addition, the gem color is also carefully selected, which minimizes the interference with the color on the screen and provides a suitable environment for viewing the color

8. Integration

for many PC manufacturers, the display is a peripheral device. For apple, the display is designed as an integrated part of the complete Macintosh system. Apple computer has created a flexible and simple system, that is, it can transmit all video, USB and power signals from the computer to the monitor through a simple and fast plug-in cable

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