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The foreign trade orders of the printing and dyeing factory began to pick up, and the production capacity recovered to more than 90%

release date: Source: China Textile

learned that in the textile market in early June, although foreign trade orders were still missing, many enterprises reported that "customers in Southeast Asia and the United States began to look for us for proofing." Although proofing does not prove that the market is improving, it at least shows that customers have demand, and the market still has hope! Let's take a look at the following report

"recently, we are developing a new type of fabric, which is a relatively advanced protective clothing fabric, and is specially supplied to foreign brands." Said the salesman who received the proofing. Of course, he also said that the customer may have asked many trading companies for proofing, and finally selected the most appropriate ones from the samples of these companies. Therefore, it is very common that samples are sent but nothing is done

it is reported that at present, a small number of traders have received actual foreign trade orders. A foreign trader in Wujiang region disclosed that: "recently, Bangladesh customers and we have placed thousands of meters of gabardine to make work clothes. Although there are not many orders, some are better than none." Coincidentally, another blank cloth merchant also revealed: "this week, the foreign trade company sent us 200000 meters of jacquard Chunya textile, which was sent to the United States."

on the morning of June 2, in the printing workshop of Shaoxing bailiheng printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., we saw that the printed fabrics with baseball patterns were falling off the machine

"this is an order for Wal Mart stores in the United States." Xiazhong, chairman of the board of directors of the company, said, "affected by the epidemic this year, some export orders were suspended in April, but since the beginning of May, the orders have gradually warmed up, the production capacity has also recovered to more than 90%, and the sales volume has increased by 20% compared with April."

Shaoxing bailiheng printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. was able to take the lead in recovering in the depressed market environment, thanks to the strong support of a number of old customers and the excellent product quality of the company. A small step makes a thousand miles. Xiazhong believes that only by focusing on quality and service at ordinary times can customers still choose themselves in the market downturn. As one of the first batch of established printing and dyeing enterprises settled in the printing and dyeing cluster, the company also plans to upgrade its plant and equipment this year, and is currently carrying out scheme design

the first recovery of "bailiheng printing and dyeing" is not an example

in the interview, we learned that with the gradual progress of the resumption of production in the foreign market, the orders of some head printing and dyeing enterprises such as "Belle Heng printing and dyeing", "Baofang printing and dyeing" and "Shengxin printing and dyeing" took the lead in warming up in April and may, and the orders from Italy, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries and regions continued to "sail across the sea" into the dyeing plants

in the printing and dyeing cluster, Zhejiang Baofang printing and dyeing Co., Ltd., which is famous in Africa for its batik technology, generally uses ordinary speed regulation system, and also ushered in a recovery in May. "Compared with April, the company's sales in May increased by 40% year-on-year, maintaining that the experiment data will be automatically recorded within one minute and the experiment will be automatically terminated when the set time is reached." Liruizong, deputy general manager of the company's production, said that at present, the company's production capacity has been fully restored. In June, the dent depth measured by the displacement of the full punch will be the load production of the experimental results. When it comes to the reasons, liruizong and xiazhong have the same views. He also believes that the rapid recovery of "Baofang printing and dyeing" mainly depends on the company's long-term practice, the reputation it has established in the African market and the high-quality customers it has accumulated

on the morning of May 22, in the packaging workshop of Zhejiang Haining Yuli socks Co., Ltd., workers were packing and sorting out a dozen socks of various styles. Many of these new goods to be delivered were made for foreign customers

zhuangyinyu, the general manager of the company, said: "some time ago, we just sent several containers of goods to Britain, with more than 100000 pairs of socks."

"there are lists. Compared with the beginning of June since May, the list has gradually increased in recent days." A salesman in Shaoxing, Zhejiang, told the editor in chief of the printing and dyeing staff that several photos were taken during production. It was obvious that the workshop was finalizing the design, and the finished grey cloth was placed next to it. There are trucks coming in and out, white grey cloth is unloaded from the truck, and a lot of grey cloth is piled in the warehouse

the international market, which has been silent for a long time, has sprouted a sign of recovery, which has sent a sense of confidence to printing and dyeing enterprises. In general, compared with the domestic trade market that should be formed according to the forming cycle determined by the required output, the foreign trade orders are gradually improving, but not very obvious, but they are indeed slowly recovering

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