The foam competition hidden behind the prosperity

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This year of artificial intelligence: there is a foam competition behind the prosperity. Only among the giants

in early 2016, the aftermath of the man-machine war between Google Go program alphago and South Korea go section 9 lishishi reverberated. The upsurge of artificial intelligence in this year began. Among the giants, many start-ups have taken the lead. Over the past year, too many companies have linked their businesses to artificial intelligence. Over the past year, too many concepts related to artificial intelligence have been mentioned

competition among giants

in the baidu 2016 search rankings, the man-machine war of go in March this year ranked third in the "top ten science and technology events", which shows the degree of attention

since the victory of IBM dark blue in 1997 announced that artificial intelligence had conquered chess, the man-machine war in March this year has been described by the media as "the peak duel between human beings and artificial intelligence". But the open letter issued by Google CEO Sundar Pichai in April is also noteworthy

among the six concerns that Google should pay attention to in the future, artificial intelligence is impressively listed. When commenting on the confrontation between alphago and lishishi, Pichai said, "The significance of this victory will create a new situation for us, and mankind is the ultimate winner. We are creating artificial intelligence that can help us in all aspects, from daily work to travel, and even in dealing with major challenges such as climate change and cancer diagnosis."

on December 19, waymo company, founded by Google's driverless vehicle R & D team, and Fiat Chrysler automobile company announced that 100 customized Chrysler hybrid "pachi FICA" commercial vehicles have been completed and are integrating fully automatic driving technology, and will be put into road test early next year

in addition to Google, Microsoft has also continued to invest in artificial intelligence over the past 25 years. Now, with the newly released chat robot Zo, Cortana decisions SDK and intelligent suite, as well as extended intelligent tools, Microsoft has put its research and development on artificial intelligence into products, opening the vision of technology changing life

in Microsoft's long-term plan, applications like Cortana should have not only IQ but also Eq. Based on this concept, Microsoft has developed many products in the field of chat robots

according to the financial times, Microsoft spent $12billion on R & D last year, one third more than Google. In addition, one third of the ongoing work of Microsoft research has been used in AI related projects. Microsoft's investment in artificial intelligence is still increasing. In October this year, Microsoft transferred Harry Shum, one of the company's top artificial intelligence experts, to be responsible for the team of more than 1000 researchers and 5000 engineers. This move is interpreted by the industry as that in the post PC era, the software giant wants to take advantage of artificial intelligence to win back the city

not only Microsoft but also Baidu are betting on AI. Baidu has a comprehensive layout in artificial intelligence, including driverless technology, natural language processing technology, image recognition technology, etc

why is it necessary to spread the stall so large when making molds? Linyuanqing, the director of the deep learning laboratory of adding a layer of silicone resin to the Baidi 1 inkjet head at room temperature, said that artificial intelligence is inseparable from algorithms and data. The technology becomes a product. The product goes to the market. Users use the product to provide unlimited data. More data will develop better technologies to attract more users. This is a positive cycle. It is difficult to develop algorithms without regard to technology. The most important thing is to make use of the closed loop. This is what Baidu is pursuing

false prosperity under the hot pursuit of capital

technology giants have carried out a large number of acquisitions around the artificial intelligence industry; The targets include artificial intelligence start-ups (algorithms), big data companies (algorithms or data) and chip R & D companies (computing power). According to the data of eggshell Research Institute, as of the end of July 2016, Google had acquired 13 fatigue testing machines at most, in addition to paying attention to the purchase of 20 fatigue testing machines. The mergers and acquisitions of giants in the field of artificial intelligence show two characteristics: one is that they have bought for many times in a row, and the other is that the subject matter is small

it is difficult to say whether the popularity of capital has led to the prosperity and development of artificial intelligence in 2016, or whether the giants have made capital investment in this field. But it is certain that both start-ups and giants regard AI as the key to the future world

in the pursuit of M & A and capital, another voice emerged in the discussion on artificial intelligence. On October 12, at the 360 marketing ceremony, Zhou Hongyi, chairman and CEO of 360, said that the artificial intelligence industry has a foam component, "Today, when you come out to be a company, you are embarrassed to come out and do business if you don't say you are using deep learning and artificial intelligence. Just like the previous two years, you are embarrassed to go financing if you don't say you are o2o. I think this has the element of a foam."

after alphago defeated lishishi, the industry's views on this matter showed a polarized view. One thought that human beings could not be stopped in the face of the development of artificial intelligence, and artificial intelligence would surely defeat human beings in the future; Another view is that it will take a long time for weak AI to develop into strong AI

ruiyong, executive vice president of Microsoft Research Asia, is actually worth learning from. He thinks that the outside world's view of artificial intelligence is irrational, and even exaggerated as "defeating mankind". In his opinion, the lack of common sense and concept are all the hard wounds of artificial intelligence. Perhaps in the fields of computing and memory, artificial intelligence will surpass human performance, but in the fields of imagination and creativity that humans are good at, AI has not found the key to open the door

ai is far away from commercial detection methods, including water leakage test

although Google's man-machine go battle at the beginning of the year made "artificial intelligence" a hot word of the year in 2016, it will take some time for artificial intelligence technology to change daily life. Ruiyong thinks that it will take about 500 years to realize real artificial intelligence. "I don't object if you want me to add a 0 later."

of course, artificial intelligence has many aspects of research and development and directions, and there are still cases where a single direction of research is applied to daily life

recently, the International Aeronautical Telecommunications Group launched a technology called smart path, which aims to simplify the boarding process of airport passengers. It is reported that with the help of this technology, passengers can enter and leave the airport and board the plane only after receiving the face recognition test at the "contact point". Once the verification is passed, passengers do not need to show boarding passes, passports or travel documents

during this year's Wuzhen World Internet Conference, CNN reported that Baidu's face recognition system was used at the gate in and out of Wuzhen. When tourists first entered the scenic spot, the machine would collect the tourists' photos and upload them to the database. Then, when a tourist wants to enter any area of the scenic spot, the camera on the access control gate will collect the face image of the tourist, and judge whether the tourist is allowed to enter the area by comparing it with the photos in the database. This series of information processing only takes 0.6 seconds, which is much faster than the traditional ticket checking method

at present, baidu deep learning laboratory applies AI related technologies to delivery scheduling to help delivery riders predict the time; Face recognition technology adopted by banks and some third-party payment platforms; Including intelligent speech translation technology, these artificial intelligence technologies that seem to be "tall" have already entered people's daily life

despite the false prosperity and foam in the current development of artificial intelligence, it can be predicted that artificial intelligence will change life in the future. As Facebook founder and CEO Zuckerberg said, "although artificial intelligence still uses data analysis technology in image recognition, language translation and other applications, and its energy is still limited, it will make great progress in the next 5 to 10 years."

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