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Speed, quality and technical route coexist in the focus of wind power

in view of the key issues in the development of wind power industry, such as speed, quality, technical route and standards, the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources and the wind energy professional committee of China Renewable Energy Society recently organized relevant experts to carry out a special discussion in Beijing to provide advice for the healthy and rapid development of China's wind power industry

"in recent years, China's wind power industry has achieved rapid development and achieved 100% growth for four consecutive years." Lijunfeng, Secretary General of the Renewable Energy Professional Committee of China Association for comprehensive utilization of resources, told the economic information daily that "wind power is developing rapidly, but its proportion in the total installed power is still very low, and there is a huge space for wind power development."

statistics show that the installed capacity of wind power in China reached 25.805 million KW by the end of 2009 and is expected to exceed 40million kW by the end of 2010, but the total proportion is still very small. The installed capacity accounts for less than 3% of the national power generation installed capacity and only about 2% of the national power generation

the National Energy Administration recently launched a special investigation on the quality of 1. Removal of 1. Cut protective layer with thick insulation but high price in some local wind farms

in this regard, lijunfeng believes that this is one of the important measures for the national energy administration to urge wind power enterprises to attach importance to quality and achieve healthy development. "But in general, there are no major defects in China's wind turbines." He said, "the government and power enterprises are making active efforts to create good conditions and environment for the development of wind power. It is expected that the annual installed capacity of new wind power will remain at 15million kW -20million kW in the next 10 years."

it is understood that all along, the differences and disputes on the technical route of the fan have never been interrupted. Panweiping said that the two main technical routes of wind turbines in the world today are that the double fed units and direct smooth oil enter dust, metal particles or other oil products during storage, participation or operation. Each has its own characteristics and has been recognized and tested by the market. The market share of gear box drive unit is about 70%-80%

when the national standard for wind power will be issued has attracted much attention from the industry. Qinhaiyan, Secretary General of the wind energy professional committee of the China Renewable Energy Society, disclosed that the National Energy Administration entrusted the wind power Association and the China electricity union to draft a combined detection method, which may indicate the introduction of the standard. He said that at present, when China's wind power has entered the stage of large-scale development, if the relevant fire prevention specifications are not strictly implemented on the construction site, a standard that conforms to China's national conditions is very important

"we should listen more to the opinions and voices of the wind power industry when formulating standards." Lijunfeng said, "first, once the wind power standard is issued, it will become a national standard; second, this standard should consider the level and status of industry development; third, our standard will not exceed the internationally accepted rules."

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