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Nothing is nothing, and emptiness is color. Let an yashilan seamless wall cloth be left blank in your and my wordless, and it will be wonderful

leave blank

the saying of leave blank first came from traditional Chinese painting. If the painting is too full and too solid, it will lose its flexibility and elegance in composition and appear lifeless. At this time, if you can leave an appropriate blank, you will have endless reveries...

the old man of the lonely boat, a few microwaves, cold to the bone, where silence is better than sound, but the simple description gives people a sense of vastness

words are endless

"white" is "nothing". This language in painting is the artistic conception of reverie. If the whole paper is full, there is absolutely no beauty. The rhyme of traditional Chinese painting and the wonderful blank space make "something out of nothing" reach an intellectual height

the appropriate white space, like the art of traditional Chinese painting, constructs an ethereal and freehand oriental charm, rendering the artistic conception of "nothing wins, and less wins more"

the blank space of Yashi LAN wall cloth reflects that only willing can be perfect, and emptiness and reality are the wisdom of life

infinite meaning

1. Mo Yi River and mountains

the mountains are dense, surrounded by floating clouds, the sky and peaks blend, and people are connected with the scenery. The meaningful and elegant elegant elegant poetry LAN wall cloth lines, deep into the bone marrow, introverted and stable, carve the landscape and the beauty of the nation in a square inch. The pattern of life is like heaven and earth. Poetry and calligraphy enter the picture, and the spirit is self-contained

mountains and rivers are beautiful, peach blossoms and willows are green, rivers and mountains are like paintings

calligraphy and calligraphy for thousands of years, and the future is bright

2. Qianniao Feihong

find a clean and comfortable place, simple and without decoration, a wooden chair, a tea table, simple natural interest, space, green, flowers and birds are integrated with people, which is enough to be at ease

thousands of feathers fly together, and the stars dot the road.

I want to take advantage of the wind to find my dream. The fragrance of pistils in the elegant Pavilion of the Qin Pavilion attacks

3. Bathe in the breeze alone

outside the window, the fireflies fly, the green grass is quiet, and the green willows are gentle. I used to accompany the midstream waves, the moon is full of the blue boat, and the love is full of the blue boat. When can ink be used to solve worries? The landscape is long, and the years are long. A flower, a tree, a world, only "clean, quiet, environment" three words, calm the impetuous mood, safely enjoy this quiet and pleasant time

the song gradually swallowed, the wine was drunk at the beginning, and the red tears wet the Hunan skirt

from today on the West Bank of the Ganjiang River, the bright moon and the clear wind recall you

nothing is nothing, nothing is color

and let one side of yashilan wallcovering

leave blank in your and my wordless

no doubt it has its own brilliance

yashilan seamless wallcovering has always focused on the perfect combination of modern home life art needs and China's Millennium fabric weaving skills, with art as the guide and process innovation as the support, creating a colorful bubble legend, inheriting jacquard classics, and creating embroidery brilliance, Promote the seamless wall cloth to the height of art, and provide diversified art wall cloth products for people who pursue quality life

(image and text source: yashilan seamless wall cloth, invasion and deletion)




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