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Recently, when chasing online dramas, the editor accidentally saw a clip of dimmer glass in a satellite TV hit drama "beautiful Li Huizhen": Li Huizhen is a trainee editor of the magazine, and she found that the deputy editor

recently, when chasing online dramas, the editor accidentally saw a clip of dimming glass in a satellite TV hit drama "beautiful Li Huizhen": Li Huizhen is an intern editor of the magazine. She found that the light in the office of deputy editor Bai Haoyu was not turned off, so she went to turn off the light. How fun she was. Thinking that there was no one in the room, he sat down in Bai Haoyu's office chair, imitated the way he spoke, and operated the dimmer glass with a remote control. This clip is not very long, but it refreshes my understanding of glass and lets more viewers know that there is such glass that can control transparent and opaque states with remote control

dimming glass, as a magical material with strong scientific and technological charm, quietly appears in every corner of the city. It is not only exclusive to star hotels, luxury office buildings and high-end villas, but also can enter the homes of ordinary people

when the film "cold war" was released in 2012, it won wide acclaim and many awards. The picture of atomized glass in "cold war" is: Aaron Kwok returned to his office, and with a press of the remote control, all the originally transparent glass changed into atomization, which separated the external space, and fully refreshed most people's new understanding of atomized glass:

this section is not long, so that more viewers know that there is this kind of glass that can control the transparent and opaque state with the remote control. Gradually into the homes of ordinary people, so that technology is further away from us

as early as may 2016, CCTV news broadcast reported on the dimming glass in more than 1 minute: the glass door of the ATM machine is transparent when people are outside the door. When people enter the door to withdraw money, it will atomize and cannot be seen inside. This also allows many people who go to the bank to withdraw money to get external security protection

three advantages of intelligent dimming glass

1. Dimming:

intelligent dimming glass has the characteristics of "transparent when powered on, transparent when powered off". When powered off, the power-off transmission is opaque. When powered off, the liquid crystal molecules are scattered and become frosted; When powered on, the liquid crystal molecules will instantly line up, and the state presented at this time will be instantly transparent. This is also the magic of dimming glass

2. Safety: the film in the dimming glass pastes the glass firmly, and when it is impacted and broken, there will be no splash of debris that will hurt people. The safety quality of glass has been improved, and technology has entered the homes of ordinary people. The safety index is getting higher and higher. When producing intelligent dimming glass, Qingfeng glass strictly controls every production link, creates valuable innovation, and makes safer glass

3. Environmental protection and energy conservation: with the continuous improvement of the quality of life, the concept of healthy and environmental protection is gradually transmitted to ordinary people. Dimming glass adopts a more humanized design in technology. It is understood that a considerable part of the heat in the indoor temperature is generated by the direct sunlight outside the window. After using the dimming glass, it has the efficiency of heat insulation and heat preservation, which can greatly save energy. At the same time, it can shield more than 90% of infrared and more than 98% of ultraviolet rays, which not only achieves environmental protection and energy conservation, but also enables us to enjoy the bright and beautiful sunshine with peace of mind

4. Sound insulation: the dimming film and film in the middle of the dimming glass have a damping effect on sound, which can effectively block all kinds of noise

5. Diversified control modes: switch, light control, voice control, temperature control, remote control, remote network control

6. Large format and high transparency: according to the development of LCD technology, the maximum size can be 3000mm × 1200mm large piece of glass





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