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Different people always have different ideas. For example:

1 You are a woodcutter and he is a sheep herder. You talked with him for a day. His sheep were full. Where is your firewood? Firewood cutters can't afford to accompany sheep herders...

-- please abandon your ineffective communication

but people who have skillfully changed don't think so, as follows:

2 You are a woodcutter, and he is a sheep herder. You talked with him for a day, and he introduced you to the customer who bought sheep, and you introduced him to the customer who bought firewood, so your respective businesses are getting bigger and bigger

-- resource integration is very important

3 The original information is wealth. In fact, he often grazes sheep. It is safer to tell you which way is easy to walk, which mountain has more firewood, and where there are no beasts

he knows more and more information. He doesn't have to cut firewood at all. For example, he can set a small policy for himself first and earn 100 million first

4. You are a woodcutter and he is a sheep herder. After chatting with him for a day, his sheep are full, but he is still the sheep herder. And you know from him that the business of roast sheep in restaurants is very hot recently,

and the firewood of roast sheep is very exquisite, so you don't cut firewood to cook at home, but instead develop firewood specially for harvesting roast sheep. Later, you hire some people to cultivate and cut firewood. After often communicating with sheep herders and understanding the change of demand contact, you finally dominate the country in the firewood futures market. You think others are ineffective communication, Maybe it's just because you can't see the world in his eyes

this is a businessman's idea. He smells business opportunities, obtains big data, changes his own way of thinking, and may obtain greater wealth

there are thousands of ways of thinking, and the best one is the one that suits you

I am the sheep herder, and you are the woodcutter

we all live in our beautiful garden together.

can we sit down and "boast" together

it may be a successful collaboration


from now on, let's make a small policy to participate in our big family of Guanhao doors and windows





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