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Meiteng costumes appeared at the 2016 Beijing wallpaper exhibition and won the favor of many merchants. Cao Longjin, the marketing director, received an exclusive interview from home hotline and Huiya information reporters to interpret the enterprise development concept

from March 9 to 12, 2016, Meiteng made a wonderful appearance in the 21st China (Beijing) International wallpaper, cloth and carpet soft decoration exhibition 2016, attracting many dealers to consult and negotiate cooperation. Cao Longjin, marketing director of Meiteng, said in an exclusive interview with reporters from home hotline and wallpaper world that this year we launched a third-generation product in the market, which is a combination of wallpaper and wallpaper

on site interview guest: Cao Longjin, marketing director of Shaoxing Meiteng Textile Co., Ltd.

Home hotline: Hello, President Cao, what new products did your company bring to the exhibition

president Cao: this year, we launched a third-generation product in the market, the combination of wallpaper and wallpaper. This is a brand new concept. At present, we are original in the market. I feel very good about the effect of Meiteng's exhibition at the exhibition. In the award ceremony of the 2015-2016 national wallpaper dealer survey, Meiteng won the Innovation Award, which I think is well deserved

home hotline: compared with other products on the market, what is the uniqueness of NETEM's products

president Cao: first, we advocate the "seamless concept", and the product itself does not have the problems of seams, peeling and forking; Second, it looks like a wall cloth, and its toughness is also very good

home hotline: what measures does your company take in attracting investment

president Cao: we take market protection measures, that is, only one dealer is allowed in each region, so there will be no conflict of interest among dealers in our markets

home hotline: we know that the cooperation between dealers and enterprises needs the strong support of enterprises. How does Meiteng support the development of dealers

Mr. Cao: among the dealer stores, the new versions we use this time are sent free of charge, and then we will take independent support for the stores every month, such as the release of publicity posters, materials, gifts, etc., which are undertaken by our company. In some special festivals, we will plan large-scale activities to help them do publicity

home hotline: at present, Internet home decoration is an upsurge, and many home furnishing enterprises are also involved. How do you view this phenomenon

president Cao: Internet home decoration is the product of the times and an inevitable trend. We are also following this trend and are stepping up the construction of our wechat and cooperating with some platforms such as Huiya media, so as to give us more opportunities to appear and strengthen our brand effect

home hotline: it's spring now, and it's about to enter summer. What do you think about the popular trend of wallpaper in spring and summer

president Cao: seamless is inevitable in the future. I think personalization and artistry are a trend in the future. The most important narrow range of 5.3 square meters, I predict, will gradually disappear from the market, and seamless will be a mainstream direction

home hotline: what is the development direction of Meiteng for the next 2016 or the next few years

president Cao: we have a long-term plan, first to build brands, and then to support stores, so that stores will gradually increase and spread throughout every domestic market. The second is to refine our products to meet the needs of the market. In the future, we will closely connect seamless wallpapers and wallcoverings. For seamless murals, we will adopt the mode of full house customization, which is currently under planning

home hotline: Thank you very much, Mr. Cao, for accepting our interview today. We also wish Meiteng better and better development in the future

president Cao: Thank you





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