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The development of smart home is only to better meet the requirements of people's pursuit of quality life. So what is the smart life like now? Haier smart home tells you

the times are progressing,

life is moving forward,

people's pursuit of ideal habitat has never stopped

from a thatched house that can only shelter from the wind and rain,

to a rough house that needs careful decoration,

to an exquisite residence that can be checked in with a bag,

the renewal and iteration of the residence,

are only to better meet people's requirements for quality life

then, what should a smart life be like

tell you quietly that in Haier smart community, a mobile phone plays everything

mobile phones have become an indispensable part of our daily life. It is no more convenient to integrate commonly used smart phones into smart life ~

with a mobile phone, you can do these things

shake to open the access control and unit door of the community

you don't need to carry keys and access cards to enter the community. Open the "Anzhu ・ community" app and easily shake to open the access control and unit door

it's always inconvenient to carry a bunch of keys, and it's easy to lose them. Now you don't need to bring your wallet when you go out, and the keys will gradually withdraw from the stage of history

mobile phones authorize access control for friends

in some highly secured communities, you can't enter the community without an access authorization card, which really effectively prevents outsiders, but it will be more troublesome when relatives and friends of the owner visit

in Haier smart community, you can send access control authorization to friends in advance through app, and friends can open the door to enter the community with one click, which not only provides convenience for visitors, but also effectively prevents the problem of "follow-up entry"

the mobile phone remotely opens the unit door for visitors

when someone comes to visit and calls the unit door, the unit door machine cooperates with the intelligent terminal, and the owner can remotely open the unit door through the mobile phone, which is convenient for intelligence

one click repair of mobile phone

in daily life, we will encounter the situation that the repair of home appliances is not timely, such as water pipe rupture, sewer blockage, we will call, or wait in place

and smart community can solve this problem well. You can immediately feed back the fault to the property through the mobile app. After receiving the information, the property will send professionals to repair at home as soon as possible

shopping online in the surrounding supermarkets

I want to cook a dish, but I find a certain ingredient missing, but I don't want to go out to the supermarket

open Anzhu ・ community app, and you can have a panoramic view of supermarkets within three kilometers. Small supermarkets that often visit at ordinary times can also place orders online, with timely and convenient delivery

control everything at home with your mobile phone

when you go out, you can turn off the lights, curtains, TV, air conditioning, etc. by clicking one button to leave home, and you can also check the status of electrical appliances at home at any time outside

alarm for abnormal opening of doors and windows and gas leakage, so as to ensure the safety of the family in an all-round way

when you want to see a movie, you can use your mobile phone to open the video system, close the curtains, and create your own comfortable nest

therefore, in Haier smart community, it is enough to take only one mobile phone from going out to home! Play with your smart life with a mobile phone




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