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PLC remote service set sail

just after October 2011, it entered November, which is a new year for many foreign automation companies in the fiscal year. For the goal of the work in the next year, it must be that all companies are at war. Judging from the launch of new products, they basically have some ammunition, but we can't help but say that PLC products are becoming more and more mature, and each company is between Bozhong in terms of function and quality. What idea can take the lead for its products to occupy the market? The author found some clues here, that is, the remote service of PLC products. In the past, PLC products in the Chinese market mainly relied on channels to open up a wide range of promotion markets, while most of the technical support and services depended on the technical strength of the channels themselves, and the channels were more a trade oriented company, which was lack of technical precipitation and training, and always placed on the technical strength of the manufacturers. Because the cost of the on-site service personnel was too expensive, the manufacturers mostly relied on technical support, Some VIP customers can support the on-site service level. There is a wide range of support from automation manufacturers, but the support is very small. Moreover, automation manufacturers agree that technical support and service is a purely expensive department. For example, CS department of Siemens ad group is the main work of free 400 technology; However, there are also forms of charging for technical support. For example, Rockwell's global 400 technology is that customers can call global technology only after they buy a technical support card. However, this kind of charging nature is only symbolic, and it is not used as a profit growth point. From the market perspective, manufacturers' technical support is limited, and the cost of on-site service is very expensive

at present, some automation manufacturers have proposed remote technical service projects, which are similar to the maintenance projects that automation manufacturers directly provide product level maintenance to end users. Technicians of automation manufacturers can make problem diagnosis and engineering configuration modification to their products remotely, so as to provide perfect technical support and services from multiple perspectives of Technology and products. In 2011, Rockwell Automation has signed a weight level service contract with Pfizer to make readings accurate. Wyeth dairy products under Pfizer will enjoy remote technical services and problem diagnosis brought by senior technicians of Rockwell Automation to help customers improve abnormal production interruption caused by automated products from the perspective of daily operation and maintenance, so as to improve production efficiency, And help customers manage spare parts in zero inventory. Rockwell Automation Company directly presets spare parts for customers from its own leading enterprises that have not yet formed inventory

what is PLC Remote Service? What are the benefits? PLC remote service refers to the use of communication means to achieve real-time manual PLC service between different regions (regions). Remote service refers to a network-based service mode. This kind of service mode has the characteristics of immediacy, flexibility and humanization. The service implementation personnel can directly program, download and diagnose the PLC

remote service classification:

plc remote service is roughly divided into two categories according to different communication means: one is telecommunication remote service, which refers to the PLC Remote Service Based on GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 3G and other telecommunication operation network data services to develop seamless and transparent network channels. The other is the network-based remote service, which is based on interconnection and WiFi. The situation is also diverse, including the traditional network PL, which has the skill of receiving impact energy when the friction pair is subjected to impact load

advantages of remote service:

compared with traditional service methods, remote service has the following characteristics:

1, convenient and fast

2. Cost saving

3. The service object has no restrictions on the region

4. Services can be centrally managed

remote service product manufacturers:

abroad, prosoft company in the United States and anybus company in Sweden; In China, Shenzhen Saiyuan

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