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PM: management technology to ensure the implementation of annual business plans

more and more enterprises begin to pay attention to strategic planning, and also regard the preparation of annual business plans and budgets as an important routine task at the end or beginning of each year, but how effective is the implementation? There are too many enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, whose annual business plans stay at the stage of preparation and completion, resulting in ambition and goals. However, after the beginning of the new year, they often wear new shoes and follow the old path. By the end of the year, most of the goals set at the beginning of the year have come to naught, because their components are not defined

the author believes that in addition to the uncontrollable factors of the internal and external environment and the lack of executive talents, there is another important reason that many enterprises have not mastered "project management technology" - an important management technology that can ensure the implementation of the annual plan

we know that the annual business objectives of an enterprise refer to the numerical results that will be reflected in finance. Such as: sales amount, sales volume, profit rate, growth rate, market share... These data are business results. To achieve these financial data, there must be a series of process management objectives, such as: customer satisfaction, product through rate, delivery rate, production capacity improvement rate, raw and auxiliary material loss rate, cost reduction rate, talent training goal achievement rate... Etc. Some of these process control objectives can be directly undertaken by the corresponding functional departments alone, while others can only be achieved through cross departmental cooperation. For example, it is often impossible to improve the production capacity by relying on the production department alone. It is often necessary to provide training in human resources, and the engineering department is required to make some improvements in the workshop layout, operation route and process method; Another example is that in the manufacturing process of many enterprises, part of the manufacturing process is outsourced to other manufacturers. Due to the cooperation and negotiation, the achievement of this pass through rate index not only depends on the attention of the enterprise's own production department, but also requires the outsourcing manufacturers to complete it. How to achieve these indicators that require cross departmental cooperation? This requires the use of project management technology

what is project management

the classic definition of project management is: the system management method with the project as the object, through a temporary special flexible organization, carries out efficient planning, organization, guidance and control of the project, so as to realize the dynamic management of the whole process of the project and the comprehensive coordination and optimization of the project objectives

the leader of a project is often called "project manager". In fact, this meaning of "manager" is no longer the traditional meaning of the manager in charge of the production line (the original meaning of the word manager). Because the team he leads is far from so hierarchical, "command and control" is no longer effective, but instead "stimulation, guidance and coordination". The project centered team is established for specific production, R & D or management innovation projects. Once the project is completed, it may disintegrate and the authority of the project manager will be withdrawn. Some people call this management mode "film crew mode". In order to produce a film, a film producer will gather all kinds of professionals (from directors, leading actors to makeup artists) who are most suitable for the film but belong to different production companies to form a creative "talent team". After the film is made, the "capable team" will disintegrate. Of course, this does not exclude that some people in this team will come together again because of a certain film

jack, the world's first CEO. Welch's borderless management thinking actually comes from the essence of project management. The core content of Dow's customer is to effectively integrate various teams around the company's goals, transforming the line organization into a face-to-face organization. This virtual organization breaks the boundaries of departments and levels in the enterprise, and changes the management activities of the organization from static to dynamic, Completely break all kinds of boundaries of communication and exchange in traditional organizations, so that team members form a phenomenon of extending in all directions around the goals, so that all units or individuals in a large enterprise organization, in addition to performing repetitive, continuous, and repeated department responsibilities, also participate in small dynamic teams, effectively avoiding the implementation of organizational goals, The phenomenon of mutual prevarication among departments

fortune once asserted that "the 21st century is the century of project management PMP, because all business activities can be turned into projects." In fact, Drucker said in the 1950s, "6000 years ago, the person who supervised the builder of the pyramid of keos must know more than any CEO today." The reason why that person knows more than any CEO is that he manages not a super large company but a super large project

in Chinese enterprises, it should be Mr. Wang Yongqing of Taiwan who applies the complex and most sophisticated management technology of project management to superb entrepreneurs. One of the secrets of the Formosa Plastics enterprise established by Mr. Wang Yongqing that has been standing for 60 years is to continuously promote project improvement. Formosa Plastics Group rationalizes and improves the irrationality, inefficiency points and waste projects in the operation methods, operation processes, procurement costs and other expenses through planning, comprehensiveness or partial every year, and plans and implements them in the form of projects. During the development process of Formosa Plastics Group for more than 60 years, in time that the external market environment is in an era of depression, Formosa Plastics Group gains from internal improvement, It can also completely offset the negative impact of the external environment

in the process of implementing project management, enterprises often encounter the following problems: first, the cost often exceeds the budget, second, it is not completed by the deadline, and third, the goal is eroded. The reason for these problems is that project management is a kind of compound management, which requires people engaged in project management to have various management capabilities, including:

1. Successful launch of the project:

focus on the "big picture" things, and select the project manager, formulate the project management charter, and establish the project team on the basis of the practical procedure of feasibility analysis

2. Be able to formulate a detailed project plan:

the contents include: human resource plan, risk management plan, project schedule management plan, project cost management plan, project quality management plan, communication management plan, project procurement plan, etc

3. Be able to effectively manage the project implementation process

the contents include: effective team communication, team performance management, effective conflict handling, project contract management, phased evaluation of the project, progress control, cost control, quality control, etc

4. Be able to finish the project from beginning to end, including the preparation of project handover documents, the completion of contract and administrative closeout, etc

at this point, we may understand why Drucker said that the Egyptian 6000 years ago knew more than any CEO today. Project management, an important management technology to ensure the implementation of the annual business plan, should be learned and mastered regardless of the size of the enterprise. (end)

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