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The inaugural meeting and academic seminar of PLCopen China was held in Shanghai. On September 21, the inaugural meeting and academic seminar of PLCopen China, which had been prepared for a year, was grandly held in Shanghai Jiaotong University. This time is large but should be as small as possible; Fine polishing after finishing (or the purpose is to eliminate the surface damage caused by rough polishing. The meeting was organized by China electromechanical integration technology application Association and PLCopen international organization through consultation, and experts and scholars from all walks of life were invited, including eelcovanderwal, chairman of PLCopen, Ms. Wang Jun, Secretary General of China electromechanical integration technology application Association, Peng Yu, Chinese chairman of PLCopen, professor level senior engineer of Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instrumentation, Wang Wenhai, general manager of Zhongzi of Zhejiang University, and computer control of Dalian University of technology Zhongchongquan, the director of the Institute, robertchampoud, the general manager of Europe Far East Co., Ltd., and zhanghongwen, the product manager of Beijing Yakong technology development company, etc

the meeting is divided into two parts. The morning is the seminar and the afternoon is the founding meeting. Through the introduction of Mr. eelcovanderwal, we learned that PLCopen international, headquartered in the Netherlands, was founded in 1993 and is committed to solving topics related to control programming and promoting a series of international standards. Four offices including Europe, North America, Japan and China have been established. All members of PLCopen implement the "one member, one vote system", which is treated equally regardless of the size of the company. As the international standard of industrial control programming language, IEC is the key promotion of PLCopen, which can be said to be the standard for microcomputer operation, and has been widely received and supported by many customers who come here to send packages. Next, teacher Peng Yu introduced in detail the promotion of IEC in China and the plan of plcopenchina after its establishment. Subsequently, several business people also introduced the role and benefits of IEC in their respective product development, predicted the development trend of the automation industry in the future, and pointed out that IEC will play an increasingly important role

the inaugural meeting in the afternoon was held in a friendly and enthusiastic atmosphere. Everyone discussed the current situation and development of the industrial control industry, and finally announced the official establishment of PLCopen China. This inaugural meeting announced that PLCopen will officially carry out a series of activities to promote IEC standards in China, so as to promote the further development of China's PLC industry in terms of standardization and standardization, so that China's PLC industry can occupy a place in the international market. The thickness of type 3 specimen is 1.0 ± 0.1mm), and the gauge distance at fracture is generally within 1 meter; Special thickness specimen

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