The hottest PM25 detonates the air revolution, and

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PM2.5 detonates the "air revolution" and enterprises dig deep into the air purification market

hbzhan content guide: in recent years, the domestic urban air pollution situation is severe, and smog caused by new pollutants represented by PM2.5 frequently appears in large and medium-sized cities. PM2.5 refers to particles with a diameter of less than or equal to 2.5 microns in the atmosphere, also known as lung accessible particles. Because of its small diameter, it is more harmful to human health. For most people, it may be an obscure term. But since last year, Pan Shiyi, chairman of SOHO China, has been persistently posting Beijing air quality data published by the U.S. Embassy on his microblog. This slowly brought PM2.5 into the public eye

The new version of ambient air quality standard was approved by the Ministry of environmental protection in principle, marking the formal inclusion of PM2.5, ozone and other binding indicators in China, and local governments have also begun to launch new PM2.5 monitoring projects. During this period of time, the topic of air pollution has been heated up recently. The concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing is close to 300 μ G/m3, after some helpless discussion, people pay more attention to respiratory health from their own perspective, and PM2.5 protection products are hot on the market

as all regions began to monitor PM2.5 and publish concentration data, many businesses saw the business opportunities and entered the market field of PM2.5 protection. According to the "China Air Purifier Market Analysis and Research Report", China's air purifier industry will maintain a rapid growth rate of 30% in the next five years. At present, the annual sales of air purifiers in the world exceed 10million, but the household penetration rate in China is only 0.2%. Industry insiders said that with the increasing public attention to air quality, many businesses have laid out the PM2.5 market. Zhaodanqing, vice president of China antibacterial Association and chairman of Kanglun fiber, said that under the implementation of the national PM2.5 policy, the PM2.5 protection market will usher in the peak sales season, and this cake has just begun. In order to ensure the national respiratory health in an all-round way, the Green Shield microfiltration technology developed by Conlon fiber to effectively isolate PM2.5 outdoors will soon be launched on the Chinese market

China's PM2.5 monitoring instruments have reached the international advanced level

1. The main source of China's PM2.5 monitoring instruments is the residues discharged through combustion in the process of daily power generation, industrial production, automobile exhaust emissions, etc., most of which contain toxic substances such as heavy metals. In the European Union countries, China's PM2.5 monitoring instruments lead to the reduction of people's average life expectancy by months, and China's PM2.5 monitoring instruments can also become the carrier of viruses and bacteria, Contributing to the spread of respiratory infectious diseases, China's PM2.5 monitoring instruments have been included in the air quality standards in major developed countries in the world and Japan, Thailand, India, etc. in Asia

2. In the field of PM2.5 monitoring instruments in China, which has attracted much attention at present, the market share of non domestic PM2.5 monitoring instruments is more than 70%. With the introduction of technical standards suitable for domestic PM2.5 monitoring instruments to avoid the possibility of pores in the sheath due to the effect of moisture (or moisture wrapped around the cushion), there is a huge replacement space for domestic equipment in the future, and PM2.5 monitoring instruments have the international advanced technical level

3. According to the moment of inertia industrial planning of the framework, which can be added under the same weight of energy conservation and environmental protection in the 12th Five Year Plan, environmental monitoring capacity is one of the key projects of environmental protection. Environmental protection indicators are upgraded, and the requirements for environmental monitoring capacity are higher. It is predicted that in the 12th Five Year Plan, the total investment in environmental monitoring will exceed 70billion yuan, and the operating cost will be 30billion yuan, totaling about 100billion yuan, The scale far exceeds the investment of about 50billion yuan in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan"

Beijing's first traffic station for air quality monitoring

from next month, Beijing is expected to start releasing official monitoring data for PM2.5. As the "first practical matter" of the Beijing municipal government, the Beijing Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is stepping up the construction of PM2.5 monitoring stations and will strive to complete the construction of 35 monitoring sub stations and release monitoring information from the end of September to the beginning of October

at present, only Chegongzhuang monitoring station in Beijing has released the research data of PM2.5. According to the plan, the new version of the air quality release platform will be launched on January 1 next year, and the PM2.5 concentration data most concerned by the public will also appear in the release system

according to the PM2.5 monitoring point distribution plan of Beijing, five traffic monitoring stations will be added, distributed along the second, third and fourth ring roads and the main roads in the core area. Unlike air quality assessment stations, traffic stations are pollution monitoring points set up to monitor the impact of road traffic pollution sources on air quality. At present, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau has built 27 PM2.5 monitoring sub stations, and some new traffic environment special monitoring stations and Beijing border special monitoring sub stations are under construction. Among the 35 sub stations completed, 12 belong to the state-controlled monitoring points required by the Ministry of environmental protection, and the rest belong to the local control monitoring points

it is understood that unlike air quality assessment stations, traffic stations are pollution monitoring points set up to monitor the impact of road traffic pollution sources on air quality. At present, the number of motor vehicles in Beijing has exceeded 5million, and the previous research on the composition of PM2.5 by the environmental protection department shows that more than 22% is from motor vehicle emissions

it is reported that the municipal environmental protection monitoring center is developing a new version of the air quality real-time release system, which will be officially put into operation on January 1 next year. At that time, citizens can log in to the municipal environmental protection monitoring center station at any time to query the air quality data of the nearest environmental protection monitoring station to understand the air quality around them. In order to facilitate the reference of the municipal 3 arc welder, the environmental protection department will also convert the concentration data of pollutants such as PM2.5 into air quality index (AQI). Different AQIS correspond to corresponding health guidelines. Citizens with allergic constitution can take protective measures in time according to the health guidelines

as we all know, paying attention to PM2.5 is far from being done by one person. It requires everyone to pay attention to it. PM2.5's attention to this extent has a lot to do with the support of all friends and the sense of justice in all people's hearts. This must be for the sake of our living environment. Just one person, two people, and a very few others, no matter how powerful you are, you can't achieve such an effect. The most important thing is to change your lifestyle, which is to change everyone's lifestyle, that is, to drive as few cars as possible. If we say that we drive a lot, the cars are congested, and the gasoline label is not up to the standard, in fact, the exhaust gas we emit is breathed in again, which is particularly harmful to the human body. Another is the management of atmospheric environmental quality. It may take a long time to manage PM2.5 well. It will take 30 or 50 years, which is to start little by little

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