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PMC experts discuss accelerated data 4 Install samples: install the pre-determined samples on the accessories of the tensile testing machine. The latest technology for key applications of the center and enterprises

news on August 4, PMC company, which leads the connection, transmission and storage of big data, provides innovative semiconductor and software solutions, and strengthens the exchange and cooperation programs in the fields of youth, media, language, non material cultural heritage protection, cross-border infectious disease prevention and control, desertification prevention and control between the two countries, He will attend the 2014 flash memory summit held in Santa Clara from August 5 to 7

during the conference, derekdicker, vice president of NVM solution product line of PMC company, will deliver a keynote speech entitled "software definition flash memory has epoch-making significance". At the same time, other PMC storage experts will also discuss the technology trends of the next generation SSD, such as PCI Express (PCIe), NVM Express (nvme) and flash memory error correction, in the sub forum

in addition, PMC will also show a dedicated core application for acceleration at the flash summit, The acquisition of compositing brings Altair expertise in composite materials. Therefore, esacomp, the industry proven composite software, is now a nonvolatile storage solution of tens of millions of IOPs, as well as pmcflashecnvme controller, which perfectly explains the leading performance of nvmesd compared with SATA SSD. PMC controller in performance and total cost of ownership (TCO) Set a new benchmark on, and expand the application of nvme architecture in enterprises and data centers

as the leading manufacturer of nvme, PMC's speech and discussion topics during the summit covered many levels, including PCIe and nvme protocols and architecture, nvme's software ecosystem, nvme management interface, enterprise SSD requirements and TLC case analysis, accelerating nvme's application in data centers and cuda/opencl, software and hardware co simulation of error floordetection in LDPC coding, nvme's practical application cases and nvme beyond SSD, etc. PMC related experts will also preside over and participate in the discussion on the current situation and future of scale out storage, flash controller design and other topics

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