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PM2.5 caused concern about "respiratory safety" and affected China's household industry

on December 30, 2011, the Ministry of environmental protection of the people's Republic of China passed the ambient air quality standard. The newly revised standard adjusted the pollutant items and limits, added the PM2.5 average concentration limit and the ozone 8-hour average concentration limit, and tightened the concentration limit of PM10, nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants

Song Guangsheng, vice president of China Interior Decoration Association and director of the national quality inspection center for indoor environment and indoor environmental protection products, recently analyzed that PM2.5 pollution is not only related to environmental protection departments, but also to the attention of the whole society to PM2.5 pollution, It will gradually affect the consumption concept of people's home life and the development of the economic structure of China's indoor environmental protection industry and home furniture industry

arouse the concern of "respiratory safety"

it is reported that PM2.5 pollution will mainly affect people's home life in the following five aspects:

first, it improves the whole society's understanding of the harm of environmental pollution. Song Guangsheng said that a nationwide discussion on PM2.5 pollution in less than two months has changed people's understanding of the harm of environmental pollution, and people pay more attention to environmental pollution, especially environmental pollution and health issues

second, it has changed the understanding of the importance of indoor environmental pollution prevention and control. For example, people have changed their attention from the pollution of harmful substances in the indoor environment to the pollution of harmful substances in the atmospheric environment entering the indoor environment outdoors, from the understanding of formaldehyde pollution in the indoor environment to the broader understanding of PM2.5 pollution

third, it has changed the understanding of indoor environmental pollution purification and treatment. From opening windows to ventilate and purify indoor air pollution to not opening windows or selectively ventilating and ventilating to solve indoor environmental pollution problems; From the use of air purifiers to remove formaldehyde and other chemical pollution to the use of air purifiers to solve the problem of inhalable particulate pollution; From installing simple ventilation equipment to selecting healthy, environment-friendly and energy-saving fresh air ventilators with efficient filtration devices and heat exchange devices; From simple air purifiers and fresh air switches to indoor air quality systems with intelligent IOT control

fourth, it has changed the understanding of house decoration and consumption concept and consumption behavior. From choosing solid wood furniture to choosing non polluting and less polluting wood-based panel and wheat straw board furniture; From choosing solid wood flooring to bamboo flooring, composite flooring and reinforced composite flooring; From solvent based paint and adhesive in decoration materials to water-based paint and adhesive; From the traditional construction method of choosing decoration companies one brick by one tile to the integrated, industrialized and standardized construction method; From choosing luxury decorated large family houses to choosing economical and practical small family houses; It will even change people's consumption form, gradually shifting from physical store sales to online sales

fifth, it has changed the understanding of the selection criteria of living environment and living urban areas. From downtown areas with convenient transportation and shopping to houses far away from downtown areas, highways and highways as far as possible; From choosing low-rise housing to choosing high-rise housing with less pollution problems. From choosing urban concentrated residential areas to choosing cities, pass the exposed print heads through the paper outlet of the cover plate out of the suburbs of the city and other areas with good air quality; From choosing big cities to choosing small and medium-sized cities with relatively better air quality

affect the structural adjustment of the household industry

Song Guangsheng said that the research has proved that volatile organic compounds (VOCs) play an important role in the formation of PM2.5. The painting process of furniture production and decoration engineering is an important emission source of industrial VOC. In order to control environmental pollution problems such as PM2.5, the state will gradually strengthen the control of VOC pollution in the environment. The implementation of environmental protection measures to improve product quality will have a far-reaching impact on China's coating, interior decoration and furniture manufacturing industries

impact on the air purifier industry. Due to the problem of environmental pollution and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, China's air purifier industry will develop at a large scale and high speed, and will develop in the direction of multi-function, intelligence, humanization, scale, standardization and strengthening extended services

impact on the fresh air switch industry. Due to the unique health, energy conservation, environmental protection and other characteristics of fresh air exchanger, it can effectively solve the pollution problem of ventilation entering the indoor environment. While the industry is developing, on the one hand, it should be closely connected with real estate to create more healthy houses, so as to truly realize the purpose of letting people breathe fresh air. At present, it is promoting preliminary design and exploration. On the other hand, the market calls on researchers and enterprises to develop fresh air ventilation equipment with good purification effect, high energy efficiency, simple and fast installation and convenient maintenance and repair

impact on solid wood furniture and solid wood flooring industry. One of the ongoing work of the national environmental protection department is to solve the emission of solvent based paint and adhesives used in the production of solid wood furniture and solid wood flooring. The occupational health and safety of furniture factory workers is currently the occupational health and safety problem in charge of the State Administration of work safety, mainly paint and dust pollution in furniture production workshops. One solution is to purify VOC released into the atmospheric environment during production, and the other is to use environmentally friendly water-based paint

impact on the development of paint and coating industry. Paint and coating industry is one of the key industries of VOC emission. The main way to solve the pollution problem of paint and coating is to develop, produce and promote water-based coatings. On the other hand, we should vigorously promote pollution-free multifunctional inorganic interior wall coatings and diatom mud coatings

impact on interior decoration industry. On the one hand, forbidding the use of solvent based paints, coatings and adhesives in decoration can not only reduce the pollution of the decoration industry to the atmospheric environment, but also control the pollution of benzene, toluene, xylene and VOC in the indoor environment caused by decoration from the source, ensure the occupational health of decoration workers, and put an end to fire and explosion and other safety accidents at the decoration site. In addition, the promotion of factory decoration and integrated decoration in the decoration industry can not only effectively solve the problems of decoration chemical pollution, dust pollution and noise pollution, but also effectively control the quality of decoration, reduce labor costs, reduce decoration pollution, and ensure the safety and health of indoor and outdoor environment

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