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Mei Huaxiang has been working hard for several months since the bitter cold. On September 24, 2009, the fourth food processing exhibition organized by Qingdao Haihan conference can carry out experiments and data processing according to GB, ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN and various standards provided by users at the same time brought confidence and packaging equipment exhibition for extruder enterprises (the fourth Shandong food, medicine, beverage and alcohol packaging technology exhibition 2009 was held at the same time) to a successful conclusion. Over 250 enterprises and 25000 visitors from all over the country participated in the three-day conference. All exhibitors have made full preparations for participating in this exhibition. Among them, Shunheng soybeans, a Japanese funded enterprise from Shanghai, leased LCD TVs to show the characteristics and advantages of products incisively and vividly; Qingdao Jianlong Technology Co., Ltd. is a new product laser code spraying co construction scientific and technological innovation R & D and transformation platform machine prepared for this exhibition; Shanghai Peidi, Shenzhen gulqi, Suzhou bitum, Shijiazhuang Kechuang, Jinan Dongtai and other enterprises conducted on-site demonstrations, which attracted a large number of visitors

as it was held at the same time as the 4th ICIF, the exhibition was large-scale, the on-site visitors streamed, and the voices of discussing product features and asking prices were endless. In the face of the interview of the organizing committee, manager Cao of Shanghai Jurui said: Shandong is a big food province. It is because of this that we actively organized to participate in this exhibition. We negotiated several purchasing customers on site and also negotiated the agency cooperation of agents. We are still quite satisfied with this exhibition. In addition, for example, Beijing Jinglian, Qingdao testing instrument factory, Wenzhou Shenyang, Shanghai Zhuoyang, etc. all negotiated with the purchaser on site, and sent the equipment to enterprises in Xuzhou, Jiangsu, Binzhou, Shandong, Jinan, Shandong and Dandong, Liaoning respectively at the end of the second day of the exhibition; Exhibitors such as Zhuhai Aojie and Zhejiang Wuma received orders on site. They have repeatedly said that they must be informed in advance of the next exhibition, and they will actively respond and participate

building a first-class brand and making a first-class exhibition has always been our concept, and building a broader trading and exchange platform for exhibitors and buyers is our service purpose

(: Wang Jie)

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