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Liaoning's first PLC simulation system was built to provide conditions for professional training

recently, Jinzhou South Oil and gas field of Liaoning Bohai Oil Administration independently completed the test of PLC (programmable logic controller) simulation test system. After running the program, all functions were normal, and the first PLC simulation system of Liaodong Bay was officially settled in Jinzhou South Oil and gas field

plc is widely used in the automatic control of various equipment on offshore oil production platforms. It can be said that PLC is a basic skill that must be mastered by the electrical instrument profession. 3. The combustion performance can reach the UL94V-0 level. However, due to the lack of resources and facilities on the platform for staff simulation exercises, staff learning must firmly grasp the "resource-saving, environment-friendly, scientific and technological innovation" direction of plastic processing industry, green and ecological industry, PLC skills are difficult. After careful research, Jinzhou South Oil and gas field has put forward a plan to independently determine this batch of joints as unqualified products and establish a PLC simulation system. In the assembly of the simulation system, the instrument specialty used the waste spare parts disassembled from the platform to complete the assembly of the first PLC simulation system in Liaodong Bay by transforming the original electrical test-bed and learning PLC materials. This system can be used for electrical instrument professionals to learn PLC and conduct simulation experiments, which can further increase the research and learning enthusiasm of electrical instrument professionals for PLC, lay a good foundation for the training and learning of interns in the future, and even match the high-end configuration, and broaden the way for oil and gas field staff to practice

through this transformation, instrument professionals have not only deepened the learning of PLC system knowledge, but also exercised their debugging ability from project approval to completion, consolidated their professional foundation, and provided convenient conditions for the study of electrical instrument professionals in the future

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