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Seminar on PLC technology development and IEC international standards

on May 12, the seminar on PLC technology development and IEC international standards jointly hosted by China electromechanical integration technology application Association and PLCopen China was successfully held in Beijing

eelcovanderwarl, executive chairman of PLCopen international organization, reading method of PLCopen hardness value: Peng Yu, chairman of dial China organization, heads of relevant units and enterprise representatives such as German Beifu, Rockwell Automation and German Covey software attended the seminar

at the seminar, the participating experts made an in-depth discussion on the development and future development trend of PLC and IEC technology

Eelcovanderwarl, executive chairman of PLCopen international, introduced IEC international standards and their promotion. IEC international standard is the only global standard for industrial control programming language, which has had an important impact in the field of industrial control. It has been accepted by more and more manufacturers and customers all over the world, and has become the de facto standard for programming systems of DCS, PLC, FCS, IPC, CNC, and SCADA. This standard has played a decisive role in promoting the development of PLC software technology and even the whole industrial control software technology

with the vigorous development of digitalization, informatization and intellectualization in all fields of the world, the demand for automatic components, single machines, devices and systems in various fields such as industry and civil use, production and consumption is increasing, and the requirements for PLC functions and technologies are also getting higher and higher. PLC is constantly adopting other new technologies to cope with the impact of our excellent products caused by the gradual reduction of market share

At the seminar, Peng Yu, chairman of PLCopen China, said that with the widespread acceptance of IEC standards, the increasingly severe economic competition environment, and the rising development costs and engineering costs of industrial control software, the manufacturing industry hopes to exchange its programs between different software development environments The function/function block library and engineering projects have formulated the new standard GB8624 (2) 006 "classification method of flammability of building materials", and the demand is increasing in the United States. The PLC system adopts fdt/dtm to introduce the asset equipment management function, and seamlessly utilizes the data and functions of all instrument equipment or equipment in the system for the whole automation system

Wang Ningqiang, technical director of Beifu Beijing Branch in Germany, introduced TwinCAT control system based on IEC international standard. The system is based on the integrated automatic control software package, including development tools and real-time core. It can be applied to sequence control, motion control and technical functions. It is suitable for different hardware platforms and supports all IEC languages (IL, St, FBD, LD, SFC)

then, Wang Guangye, product manager of Rockwell Automation, introduced the new progress of Rockwell Automation PAC and its programming language. Liang enquan of German Covey Software Co., Ltd. described how to quickly develop IEC based controllers

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