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PLM helps China's railway freight car industry to establish a new mode of remote collaboration. Teamcenter solution has become a powerful guarantee for CSR Changjiang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changjiang Company") to integrate the five major factories distributed throughout the country. It has realized the data management principle of "centralized management by headquarters and distributed use in different places" for Changjiang Company, and established a new mechanism for remote collaborative design and production

CSR Changjiang Rolling Stock Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Changjiang Company") is the largest R & D and manufacturing enterprise of railway freight cars under CSR Corporation Limited. It is integrated from the freight cars of the former Wuchang rolling stock factory, Wuhan Jiang'an rolling stock factory, Zhuzhou rolling stock factory, Tongling rolling stock factory and Qishuyan rolling stock factory. It began formal operation in 2008, and has Wuhan Branch and three branches in Zhuzhou, Tongling and Changzhou. The company adopts a "general and sub type" management structure, and its headquarters is the company's R & D center, management center and profit center. Each branch (Division) is a manufacturing center and a cost center. Before the merger and reorganization of the five predecessor factories of Changjiang Company, which are mainly engaged in the R & D, manufacturing, maintenance and service of railway freight car products, informatization construction has been carried out to varying degrees in product R & D, among which the informatization application of Zhuzhou rolling stock factory is more representative. Zhuzhou rolling stock factory started the construction of PDM system in 2003. After several phases of implementation and application, it has basically met the needs of the factory's product development process and data management before integration. The system is relatively stable and mature, and users have gradually accepted it, accumulated some application experience, and produced a large number of historical data. Therefore, the PDM system of Changjiang Company is considered to take the existing system of the former Zhuzhou vehicle factory as the prototype, and expand and improve it in combination with the actual needs of product research and development of Changjiang Company

before starting the PLM project of Changjiang Company, the original information system was difficult to adapt to the development of the new business model, and there were many problems:

1. The product data from the plants before the integration were scattered and diverse, and could not form a unified enterprise data source

2. The existing information system cannot support the development of the new business model of Changjiang Company, especially the development of non local business

3. Many remote data collaborations are carried out manually, and the efficiency and accuracy of data exchange cannot be effectively guaranteed. The cost of remote drawing transmission and BOM transmission is very high. Due to the lack of guarantee of data exchange, people from different places come and go frequently, and the operation cost of enterprises increases

4. PDM system, ERP system and OA system are independent of each other, and data exchange is very difficult

after investigation and evaluation, Changjiang finally chose Teamcenter software of Siemens PLM Software, which has the largest market share of PLM Software in the world, to integrate the PDM system of the former Zhuzhou vehicle factory as the prototype as the basis for the expansion of Changjiang's PLM platform, and determined Siemens PLM Software platinum partner KONE KaiDun (Beijing) system integration Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "KONE Co., Ltd.") as the project implementation service provider

According to the actual situation of Changjiang Company, KONE Co., Ltd. takes the scientific PLM project implementation methodology as the guidance, combines the actual situation of Changjiang Company and the best practice of railway vehicle industry, and implements and applies the functions of each module of PLM platform step by step according to the urgency of actual business: providing professional and personalized implementation services for Changjiang Company

Step 1: take the PDM of Zhuzhou rolling stock factory as the prototype, integrate the product data of the five factories

in order to fully inherit the knowledge wealth and data accumulation of various enterprises before integration, the first step of the implementation of Changjiang PLM platform is to expand the data model and fully manage the product data from the original enterprises. Form a new and unique product data source of Changjiang Company

Step 2: reorganize the business process of Changjiang Company and realize

on the PLM platform. According to the general classification business model of Changjiang Company "centralized management by headquarters and distributed use in different places", the PLM platform of Changjiang Company reconstructs the system architecture supporting distributed access and collaboration in different places, and deploys the control processes supporting electronic approval, change management and execution, drawing printing and distribution in different places. The product research institute and process research institute set up in the Wuhan headquarters of Changjiang Company transmit the product design and process manufacturing data to branches all over the country through PLM platform. When changes occur, they are also transmitted to branches through PLM platform in time to ensure timely, accurate and traceable interaction of data

at the same time, the PLM platform has built a manufacturing BOM system supporting multiple schemes through customization to ensure that the key business of producing the same product in different branches of Changjiang Company according to different processes and manufacturing methods is carried out

step 3: Wuhan and Zhuzhou design centers operate at the same time, and timely synchronize the application of the full three-dimensional design platform of products based on Teamcenter and NX ideas. The degree of design team cooperation is very high, and Changjiang Company has design centers in Wuhan and Zhuzhou. In order to adapt to this mode, PLM platform has established a dual server mode based on the same database, which supports the 3D system design work of Wuhan and Zhuzhou, and batch 3D data are synchronized regularly in idle time

step 4: realize system integration, establish an interconnected enterprise information system

◆ realize the integration of PLM platform and ERP platform, realize the transmission of data to the downstream and the visual access of workshop terminals to design data

◆ without innovation, we need to lag behind the implementation of integration with awe simulation system, realize simulation data management

◆ realize the integration with OA system, and expand the extension range of PDM system data

at present, The construction of PLM system of Changjiang Company has been basically completed and the operation is stable. It realizes Teamcenter product data management, three-dimensional system design, life cycle visualization, workflow management, change management, multi scheme BOM management, engineering is a high-tech product technology data management and other schemes; At the same time, it realizes the integration with ERP, awe simulation platform, OA and other application systems

the collaborative operation research and development platform of different parts with the integration of design and process has been established; Realize the effective transmission of upstream and downstream data, ensure the consistency and effectiveness of product data, realize the conversion from single design BOM to multi scheme manufacturing BOM, and support the business mode of simultaneous production of all branches of Changjiang Company; Through sorting out the product R & D process, the product R & D process is straightened out, and business processes such as change management and print management supporting the business model in different places are constructed at the same time; The remote collaboration mechanism of double design centers of Changjiang Company has been established. PLM platform integrates ERP system, awe simulation data management platform and OA system to realize data interaction and integration between systems

looking forward to the future:

the PLM platform of Changjiang Company has been widely used and operates smoothly at this stage. In the next step, we will consider further mining and sorting out the R & D and design data, and try to give full play to the role of enterprise data sources

at the same time, according to the current development and future direction of PLM technology, Changjiang Company has put the digital process and digital manufacturing of products on the agenda, further improve the level of Changjiang Company in process resource management and process standardization, and gradually carry out 3D process, assembly process simulation, cam and other businesses

Hu Zhongming, the CIO of Changjiang Company, said: "we hope to continue our in-depth cooperation with Siemens and KONE Co., Ltd., based on Teamcenter platform, consolidate existing achievements and expand other fields, and establish a leading integrated platform of digital design, digital process and digital manufacturing in the industry"

key to success:

Jinan Ruima experimental machine displays the real-time force value, displacement value, fracture value, peak value maintenance of the maximum force value, automatic shutdown, and can dynamically draw the curve between the tensile displacement and the tensile force value (tightening displacement and tightening force value) in real time during the experimental process

build a PLM platform to solve practical problems. The implementation of Changjiang PLM platform always focuses on the actual needs of enterprises, and is committed to perfect data management, remote process collaboration, and the development of data system business. In the process of project implementation, the client and the project team can grasp the main direction and main problems of the project; After the application of the system, many problems faced by Changjiang Company under the new business model have been effectively solved, and the operation of the new business model of Changjiang Company has been strongly supported

excellent software and reasonable customization. As an enterprise level PDM system, Teamcenter has shown excellent ability in adapting to large enterprises of Changjiang Company and remote collaboration. Its good architecture makes the platform have better operation efficiency under the current network and hardware resources. At the same time, during the implementation of the project, in order to make the PLM platform more responsive to the actual needs of the enterprise and solve practical problems, the project team carried out a lot of customization work, which fully expanded the management ability of Teamcenter

reasonable application and continuous improvement. During the implementation and application of PLM platform, the senior management and business departments of Changjiang Company have always maintained a firm determination and a consistent attitude of support for the promotion of the system. This has fully applied and promoted the functions of all aspects of the PLM platform. On this basis, the project team continues to improve and consolidate the achievements. After a period of application, the maturity of the system has been greatly improved

project implementation results:

successfully integrated the product data of all factories before the integration of Changjiang Company, with a data inheritance rate of more than 98%

successfully implemented the new business model of Changjiang Company on the PLM platform, with a process operation accuracy rate of more than 98%

established a remote collaboration mechanism of "centralized management by headquarters and distributed use in different places", distributed drawings in different places, and changes are transmitted through the PLM platform, The efficiency of data exchange between different places has been improved by 2 times compared with that before the application of the platform. The accuracy of remote data exchange has been improved by more than 30%, and the cost of remote collaboration has been reduced by 50%

the business mechanism of simultaneous operation of Wuhan and Zhuzhou design centers and timely synchronization of data has been established to ensure the development of remote design collaboration of Changjiang company


Teamcenter data management

Teamcenter remote collaboration

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MBOM system


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business challenges

data integration and process integration of different enterprises. Changjiang Company's new business model of "centralized management by headquarters and distributed use in different places" supports the development of cooperative business in different places

customer evaluation

director Liu of CSR Changjiang product research institute: "PLM project has played a very important role in the integration process of the five plants of Changjiang Company, ensuring the smooth development of the non local business of Changjiang Company. Product R & D and process R & D should be based on the existing PLM platform, pay attention to data accumulation, and all R & D processes should run on the PLM platform, so as to ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of data". (end)

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