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China's research and development of PM2.5 component monitoring equipment is expected to be put into the market within three years

China's ongoing research and development project of producing PM2.5 component monitoring equipment using constant speed tensile testing machine has made breakthrough progress, and the principle prototype has been completed, which is expected to be mass produced and put into the market within three years

this national level "Research on the chemical composition monitoring equipment of atmospheric fine particles, Nie Zuoren, Professor of Beijing University of technology, said at the recent high-level forum on improving the utilization of aluminum" project is led and undertaken by Liuhe Tianrong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China energy conservation and environmental protection group. In addition to filling the gap of domestic PM2.5 composition detection and monitoring equipment, it is also necessary to formulate China's first PM2.5 component analysis and monitoring method standard, To ensure that haze can be accurately treated from the source from both hardware and software

it is understood that the project was included in the national major scientific instrument and equipment development project of the Ministry of science and technology in 2013, and was officially launched in October 2013. At present, the "first step" of the four-year plan has been successfully completed, that is, the principle prototype has been developed. In the next three years, we will continue to complete the production of engineering prototype, industrialization research, industrialization and other goals

"the successful development of the principle prototype shows that we have overcome the basic technical difficulties." Zhu Tong, general manager of cecep Liuhe Tianrong Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., said, "when we propose to 'declare war' on air pollution, we must first clarify 'who to fight with', and the monitoring results will provide scientific reference for government decision-making."

the shape and size of this principle prototype is like a household microwave oven, which mainly includes three parts: a hot light oven, an air sampling system and a temperature control system

Guo Wei, the chief engineer of the project, said that PM2.5 contains four main harmful substances, namely organic carbon/elemental carbon compounds, heavy metals, sulfate/nitrate, and water. The operating panel of Jinan gold assay friction and wear tester is divided into two parts of soluble ion components. At present, the principle prototype of this organic carbon/elemental carbon composition analyzer is the first PM2.5 composition monitoring equipment "made in China". By analyzing the content of PM2.5 composition in the atmosphere, we can trace the source of toxic substances, so as to ensure the targeted control of haze from the source. At present, the company has manufactured two prototypes, one in Beijing universities and scientific research institutes, and the other in Guangdong air monitoring center for testing

"we compare the test data with the data tested by foreign equipment and manual statistical methods. Practice has proved that the accuracy and stability of the test prototype are satisfactory." Said Nong Yongguang, a project R & D personnel

at present, China's PM2.5 component monitoring equipment depends on imports, while American products occupy most of the international market. "We expect the price of domestic equipment to be half that of foreign products." Guo Wei said

another highlight of the project is that in the process of research and development, national standards on PM2.5 component analysis and monitoring methods will also be formed

the scientific research team participating in the project is a real "national team", which brings together more than 300 top authoritative experts and technicians engaged in atmospheric environment governance and monitoring, measurement and monitoring, instrument manufacturing and other industries, including Professor Wei Fusheng, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering

because PM2.5 contains four main harmful substances. Therefore, the whole set of equipment consists of four machines. In addition to the organic carbon/elemental carbon component monitor, the monitoring equipment for the other three harmful substances is developed by three companies in Hubei, Zhejiang and Hebei respectively

"compared with imported equipment, domestic instruments have reached the same technical level and have more advantages in ease of operation." Zhu Tong said, "from raw materials to technology, the whole process is independently developed by Chinese people, and the cost is cheaper. What is more important is the maintenance and technical data of the biaxial impact machine. The composition of harmful substances in haze varies from country to country. Domestic instruments are products adapted to local conditions, which are more in line with China's national conditions when measuring."

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