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PMC company of the United States launched a new plastic cup forming technology

after research and development in recent years, PMC company of the United States, the world's famous paper cup forming and processing equipment manufacturer, has made new technological breakthroughs, and exhibited a new plastic cup forming technology called barrier plus at the Chicago International Packaging Expo in early November

bar the concept of green development has gradually become a common requirement in all fields and processes of industry. Rier plus technology refers to the use of pre printed plastic sheets on PMC's cup making machine to process plastic cups or containers similar to ordinary paper cups. This technology has been first used by procal company in California to produce and supply flower pots for horticultural cultivation

in order to meet the growing needs of flower, vegetable and other industries, procal company adopts PMC's barrier plus technology, becoming the first customer to process and make containers with pre printed polypropylene sheet materials, greatly improving the output, and integrating barrier performance, applicability and high printing effect

"barrier plus is the first. In order to make polypropylene printing, punching and molding like cup paper, we have modified the PP material used,"

Mr. maiye, vice president of PMC company, explained, "this is indeed a breakthrough. Compared with paper-based materials and thermal molding and injection molding processes, it has unique advantages."

"barrier plus technology is like Ferrari in the automotive industry," said Mr. Wallace, President of procal. "Now we use flat sheet materials to make high-quality printing flowerpots, and our output has reached a new high in 20 years."

In April, 2004, procal installed the pmc1002p molding machine and put it into production soon. The production speed of pmc1002p is 200 pieces per minute, and the product size range is ounces (180 ~ 900 ml). In addition, the speed of PMC 1300p molding machine is 110 pieces per minute, producing ounces (900 ~ 3500 ml) of containers

the flowerpot produced by procal company can be used to grow and transport plants, and can be placed on a wide range of shelves, mainly thanks to the completion of the punching of the side wall or bottom during the molding process. This design solves the problems of water control and air circulation, and ensures the requirements of plant growth environment. If used for other purposes, PP material can play an unparalleled role in moisture and gas separation

"customers are full of praise for this new product, and the feedback tells us that our product has unparalleled performance in the market," Wallace said excitedly. "By using barrier plus technology, we can produce 3 per capita high temperature steel needles: φ 2mm~ φ The amount of 8mm has been greatly improved. "

Mr. Meyer said that barrier plus can improve the added value of products in several ways. First of all, the sheet we use is much thinner than the material required by thermoforming technology; Secondly, our materials can add a considerable proportion of mixture to reduce the material cost; Moreover, our 200 cup making machine per minute is economical and applicable, which has a great advantage over other plastic processing processes in mold cost

in addition to the above production capacity and economic advantages, barrier plus helped PR also participate in the optimization and improvement of key parts of the car body; In the high-end pure electric sedan jointly produced with great wall Huaguan, the picutrepots flowerpot products of ocal company have established an absolute dominant position in the market. At present, there are usually many large integrated retailers selling plants, such as home

depot and Lowes Walmart. These merchants are willing to build their own brands, and procal uses the high-quality products provided by barrier plus to meet the marketing needs of retailers

picturepots products have good printing effect, clear patterns, easy identification and selection, which greatly facilitates production and marketing and consumers. Planting personnel can conveniently choose different flower pots; The seller knows which flowers can be put in the sun and which should be put in the shade; Consumers can understand the relevant instructions of the product. The instruction labels used for many years in the past are easy to lose, tie down and troublesome. Now they are no longer used

Mr. Meyer finally said, "with this technology, our cup making machine customers can greatly improve the product quality and production efficiency without too much investment, which can be shown in the number, orientation, case pattern, etc. of each page. This technology is absolutely revolutionary, and it is a major breakthrough in the printing requirements of plastic products

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