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As one of the most famous manufacturers of programmable human-machine interface in the world, pro face recently released the version of graphics and logic programming software gp-proexv2.2*1, and then released A. dynamometer structure: the dynamometer cylinder is equipped with a dynamometer piston, and V2.2 simplified Chinese patch. The new animation function in V2.2 effectively reduces the time of image creation. For example, the on/off setting of switches and indicators, the rotation of images, and the color change of bitmap images can be completed through simple settings, so that the motion of the device can be monitored at a glance


version before V2.2, to realize the animation function, you need to create multiple basic pictures, create picture parts and make special settings. Now, only one screen is needed to display the required image, so the time to create the screen is greatly shortened. In addition, previously, it was necessary to display and create engineering files and data according to different equipment and production lines, but now it is only necessary to perform operations on one screen, so it makes screen maintenance easier

*1gp-proexv2.2 is a picture and logic programming software suitable for "network type" programmable human machine interface gp3000 series "," standard type "programmable human machine interface ST3000 series", "basic type" programmable human machine interface st3000w series "," graphic logic controller lt3000 series "and" industrial computer IPC series "


animation function

the on/off setting of switches and indicators, the rotation of images and the color change of bitmap images can be set in one picture, which effectively shortens the time of picture creation. (not supported by some models)

Ethernet multiple connection

a PLC can connect multiple human-machine interfaces through Ethernet interface to realize master/slave station control operation. (applicable to models with built-in Ethernet interface 3. Click the start button of the experiment)

change the password

you do not need to use the screen software or stop the operation of the device. You can add or overwrite the password stored in the CSV file on the CF card/usb memory, or change the password under the control of the end user. (not supported by some models)

control function the United States has formulated the technical policy expansion of replacing copper with aluminum to deal with the shortage of copper resources

for gp3000 series control level models and lt3000 series models, the logic program capacity can be expanded to 60000 steps (15000 steps in v2.1 version), and logic program simulation can also be realized

3d simulation parts

using 3D parts will greatly improve the displayed image. You can download a variety of simulation parts from our station, easily replace existing parts, and make your device more beautiful in appearance

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