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The plex paperless conference system helps the high-speed transportation management center practice the concept of green environmental protection

recently, an office meeting held by Nanping transportation management center of Fujian Expressway did not prepare a paper material at the meeting, but an embedded elevating touch conference terminal was added in front of each participant. All materials were sorted into electronic documents and displayed on the computer screen in front of the participants, It is convenient for each participant to browse electronic materials

the full paperless implementation of this meeting is an important measure to implement the requirements of three simplifications, one short and one thrift of provincial departments and bureaus, promote green office, and strictly implement diligence and thrift. It is also a highlight of Nanping high-speed transportation management center to speed up management transformation and upgrading. The introduction of paperless conference system can not only reduce the cost of material printing and recycling in the traditional conference mode, but also save emissions and promote environmental protection. More importantly, each participant browsed the electronic documents collectively, which made the meeting agenda more compact, made it more convenient to browse the materials, greatly shortened the meeting time and improved the efficiency of the proceedings

the conference system adopts electronic, digital and networking technology through audio and video transmission, which facilitates the conduct of batch experiments; Discuss the equipment, make full use of multimedia display means, and transmit all kinds of data, images and other information to each participant in the form of sound and image. The average annual compound growth rate is 18.8%, with 86 inch touch display all-in-one machine, 14 plus paperless conference lifting terminals with electronic table cards embedded in the desktop, which can synchronize conference materials to other people's display screens and large screens, and operators can also annotate and save text content in real time. The paperless Conference system applied this time is a new conference mode, which integrates a variety of informatization Intelligent technology is integrated into all aspects of the conference, providing participants with a very convenient and practical conference platform to realize paperless materials, document annotation, conference sign in, conference information release, conference feedback, conference data management, conference rights. However, cerium new products are based on energy conservation, environmental protection, high efficiency, high-tech content and other functions such as resource limit control, conference hosting, screen synchronization, and bring a new conference experience

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