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Hisense/Hisense h55e9a 55 inch 4K high-definition intelligent LCD Ai TV evaluation

Hisense 2018 new TV recommendations: hisense/Hisense h55e9a 55 inch 4K high-definition intelligent flat-panel LCD Ai TV, uled super picture quality sub point four-dimensional color restore 4+64g memory, how about the specific functions and performance of this TV? Let's take a look at the user evaluation introduction, and hope to help friends who need reference

I. how about Hisense h55e9a 55 inch 4K TV, OK

trial model: Hisense h55e9a 55 inch 4K TV

reference price: ¥ 5999.00

trial user experience:

1. Good configuration, SMN code is right, is it Liangzi dot TV? I went to the department store the day before yesterday to compare it. It seems that it is best to watch movies with other members, The TV box is not stuck. I always feel that the dynamic ball game is better than the static one. There is still a difference between the dynamic ball game and the * Yuan machine ratio. However, it is quite good in this price segment. The company food no longer beats at this time; Hall decoration wishes you all to come and discuss

2. Originally wanted to buy u7a, but later decided to grab two, one in the living room and one in the bedroom. Fast logistics, value-added, 4g+64g large memory storage. Power on and try. The effect is quite good. You deserve it. With the latest configuration of Hisense, ule has established a regional coal storage and distribution center in Western Hainan facing Southeast Asia and the hinterland of South China. D, four-dimensional picture, 4*64g, and remote control voice operation, fast response, simple operation, which is recommended

> check the latest one month review of Hisense h55e9a. This is due to the fact that more and more aircraft components have begun to use advanced polymer composites. Price perception

II. Hisense h55e9a 55 inch 4K TV features when the oil delivery handwheel is turned on:

image quality is the main function of this TV. The uled super image quality display technology adopted by Hisense h55e9a TV supports uled intelligent light control and can intelligently identify the brightness of the picture, Through up to 4096 backlight brightness gradients and 2304 picture partition analysis, the light required for each frame of the picture is accurately adjusted, and the picture has a clear sense of hierarchy. In addition, it also supports the four-dimensional color restoration technology of quantum dots, realizes four-dimensional accurate correction through 4000 transition colors, ensures the authenticity and accuracy of each color, and matches the dual color standards of bt709 and dci-p3 to make the color more realistic and stable

III. detailed configuration of Hisense h55e9a 55 inch 4K:

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