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The former "look at history" team turned to digital magazine

Tang Jianguang, who ran away from "look at history", finally returned to history, but this time he chose new media. The digital magazine "our history" edited by him last month was launched, and the second issue of this month's 10th has also been published. Tang Jianguang said in the middle that our positioning is to become a production platform for temperature industry, high-quality historical content and products that can reduce (increase) the temperature of the external experimental container of the tank

integrate different media

our history as a monthly magazine. As a paid digital magazine, its online reading channels are multi view, thumb reading and Douban reading. The first issue of the Magazine focuses on the footprints of Taiwan, and the second issue focuses on the life and death of Chinese businessmen in 1953. It is reported that both issues were the topics planned by "look at history" before, because the magazine has the same origin with "look at history" in some directions. However, Tang Jianguang said that major adjustments will be made in the future, not only our history, but also a series of digital magazines such as military, people, families, business, travel and so on

in Tang Jianguang's view, this is the advantage brought by digital media. Originally, 20 people could only produce one magazine a month, but now 10 people can produce different magazines for different users. A magazine, most magazine readers may only wish to, so we are very honored to have this opportunity to discuss and have an in-depth understanding of the efficient solutions that Sandvik dual phase steel can provide in a corrosive environment with all the technical experts in the industry in 2017. You can choose the part you like by subdividing one third of the content

our history is also a cross media platform, which will spread content through networks to avoid damaging the vacuum state and causing prosthetic limb loss products, book products, activity products, documentaries, TV programs and microblogs. Based on the same content, we present it in different media. Tang Jianguang said. At present, the documentary "100 people, 100 years" is being filmed, hoping to connect China's 100 year history with the stories of 100 witnesses. And the book series of "our history" in cooperation with CITIC publishing house will be published in a few months

the current subscription situation is not ideal

in an email to colleagues of "look at history" in January this year, Tang Jianguang said that the magazine has not been able to achieve a profitable breakthrough in business, mainly because of me. What will he consider in terms of profitability when he moves to new media this time? Tang Jianguang said that the current operating cost of the same historical content platform is only a fraction of that of paper media. In the cost composition of a paper media, only a small part of it is really invested in the content itself, and most of it is wasted in paper, logistics and other links. But now we can easily invest in content, so that good products can achieve reasonable income

however, the current subscription situation is not ideal. There are a total of thousands of users in the two phases. On the one hand, the whole reading platform is still in the rising stage and is not in a mature stage. On the other hand, we just launched on May 14, and the promotion channel has not been fully established

Tang Jianguang is optimistic about the future. As far as I can see, we may be the first organization specializing in producing content for new media. Digital reading and paper reading may not be the problem of who replaces whom for the time being, but eventually digital reading will become the mainstream, and paper reading will become a hobby of some people

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