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United life insurance company builds cloud intelligent customer service system

in October, to fly The 2017 yunqi conference with the theme of intelligence will be held in Hangzhou yunqi small. This kind of structural diversity means that materials will be held in the International Convention and Exhibition Center of the town. As the first insurance company in the insurance industry to introduce cloud + artificial intelligence into the field of customer service, union life was invited to appear at this yunqi conference to show the guests the brand image of union life and the new intelligent cloud customer service system, and continue to carry out strategic cooperation with Alibaba cloud and ant financial

during the conference, Liu Zhijian, President of union life, was invited to attend the ATEC financial technology open summit of ant financial services, and delivered a keynote speech. He introduced the endless Intelligent Cloud customer service system of union life, which knows what you need, to the guests at the summit, discussed the convenience and efficiency of the customer service system of union life brought by new intelligent technology, and looked forward to the intelligent applications and new opportunities of union life in the future

union life 95515 Intelligent Cloud customer service platform is the first intelligent customer service system based on ai+ cloud and SaaS mode in the insurance industry. It has milestone significance in the insurance industry. With large experimental space, it not only meets the regulatory requirements, but also uses intelligent customer service in the production environment of the insurance industry, comprehensively replacing the traditional customer service mode. Since its launch in December last year, the customer service system of union life has taken on a new look. With the help of the Intelligent Cloud customer service system, it has achieved the goal of low investment, heavy technology and high return

in the face of customer inquiries and inquiries, intelligent robots can achieve 7 * 24-hour instant response, understand customers' intentions through in-depth mining and learning, and accurately answer customers' questions. At present, they can answer 88% of customers' questions, reducing the manpower of customer service to 1/5 of the original At the same time, automatic dial-up outbound calls can support predictive outbound calls, save agent dialing and waiting time, and effectively control call loss, so as to achieve a high growth of 30% of agent capacity due to the final melt activity index of melt blown fiber manufactured by SABIC PP 514m12>1000 g/10 minutes

based on the principle of being responsible for each insurance policy, union life applies intelligent quality inspection to achieve 100% real-time intelligent quality inspection through voice recognition and natural language understanding, excavates the voice of customers, and detects whether customer services meet the standard requirements. At the same time, it can also monitor public opinion, early warning complaints for the company, and provide more valuable data and information for business development direction and customer experience analysis

the application of Intelligent Cloud customer service not only optimizes the customer experience, but also enables union life to achieve a slow growth in operating costs and effectively control the growth in staffing under the rapid growth of union life's business

in the future, union life will continue to focus on artificial intelligence and provide customers with more intelligent and efficient products and services. First of all, through the application of big data analysis, the transformation of the coal-fired furnace of the plastic granulator system can be carried out by intelligent robots and manually, which has become an important subject to be solved urgently. The combination of renewal premium collection can realize intelligent renewal charge, which can reduce the insurance and claim settlement process of high-quality customers, increase the selection possibility of high-risk customers, so as to realize intelligent underwriting and claim settlement, and provide corresponding insured products and timely underwriting, So as to realize intelligent consultant marketing. At the same time, intelligent robots are used to replace manual return visits to realize intelligent voice return visits and effectively reduce labor costs. Finally, intelligent voice consultation can go directly to the corresponding node of customers' demands and quickly push the answers to customers

finally, Liu Zhijian, President of union life, invited Liu Weiguang, general manager of ant financial, and Xu Min, director of Alibaba cloud, to jointly launch the release ceremony of 95515 Intelligent Cloud customer service platform products

2017 yunqi conference lasted for four days, and held 20 summits and more than 120 sub forums. The themes covered 20 global cutting-edge science and technology fields, including artificial intelligence, big data, new retail, financial technology, elastic computing, infrastructure, quantum computing, life science, IOT, government affairs, multimedia, AR, and attracted nearly 60000 people from 67 countries and regions around the world

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