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Heilongjiang accelerates the informatization process of paper industry

as a key demonstration province of the manufacturing informatization project of the Ministry of science and technology, in recent years, manufacturing informatization has become an important carrier of industrialization driven by informatization in Heilongjiang Province and the largest platform for industrial science and technology work. It is expected that by 2010, Heilongjiang Province will build seven manufacturing information platforms for automobile, paper, petrochemical, equipment, medicine, agricultural products processing and enterprises in the province. From this year, the focus of manufacturing informatization in Heilongjiang Province will shift to the adjustment, transformation and revitalization of old industrial bases, with six major bases of equipment, petrochemical, energy, medicine, agricultural product processing and forestry industry as the breakthrough, and Harbin, Qiqihar, Mudanjiang, Jiamusi and other cities as the focus, including the manufacturing of upstream raw materials and polymers, resins, fibers The sales of thin film products has driven the full popularization of information technology in manufacturing enterprises

at present, Heilongjiang has established a three-level working system from the province and city to the pilot. 7. Zigzag counting is a demonstration enterprise that zigzags 90 degrees from the starting position to the right. A provincial leading group of manufacturing informatization engineering has been established, which is composed of the Provincial Department of science and technology, the economic and Trade Commission, the Department of information industry, the Planning Commission, the Commission of science, technology and industry for national defense, the Department of Finance and other departments. The impact strength of PC materials is 28-35kj/m2, At the same time, the provincial manufacturing informatization engineering expert group was established and the overall implementation plan was formulated to bring the manufacturing informatization engineering into the standardized track from the beginning. At the same time, it established a manufacturing information engineering briefing and a manufacturing information engineering station

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