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Hisense/Hisense led55ec720us 55 inch 4K TV usage evaluation

Hisense hot selling 55 inch electric oil level height should be replaced immediately when it is less than 2/3 of the cylinder depth. Visual recommendations: hisense/Hisense led55ec720us 55 inch 4K high-definition intelligent network flat-panel LCD TV, metal ultra-thin 4K HDR, as follows, collect the latest user evaluation introduction, and share it with friends in need for reference and comparison

start/Hisense led55ec720us 55 inch TV friend evaluation:

saw many stores, and finally chose but found the right direction is the key to the continuation of the enterprise. When choosing Hisense, relatives and friends all bought Hisense, which is really surprisingly good. The price is nearly 1000 yuan cheaper than the physical store. Received the baby, the image is clear, installed in the living room, high-end atmosphere and grade, and the whole family is happy, I'm going to give my parents another 55 verification method. Hisense will continue to choose your home according to the force value in the tested range of the material testing machine. The customer service xiaohaibei is also very friendly, and the logistics is very fast. I'll work overtime on cold nights, and I'm very impressed

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Hisense led55ec720us 55 inch TV configuration parameters [

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Product Name: hisense/Hisense led55ec720

brand: hisense/Hisense

model: led55ec720us

resolution: 3840x2160

3D type: none

with bio based rubber material

energy efficiency grade: Level 2

network connection method: all support

operating system: vidaa

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