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Helsinki chose jinyatuo to launch mobile ticketing in app billing

jinyatuo, the global leader in digital security, deployed a new mobile application ticketing for the greater Helsinki region. This solution uses netsize transport ticketing products. Now, users of Helsinki transportation network in Finland can pay for public transportation tickets outside the central tram and subway network, and the ticket fee is included in the user's month end call fee

the use of mobile apps will supplement the existing SMS tickets that have been in use since 2006. Through the netsize platform, jinyatuo will provide direct billing connections for mobile network operators

after downloading the ticket application in Helsinki, Helsinki residents can take advantage of this new mobile ticket. Then, take the bus and train to test the temperature: the laboratory temperature for the impact test should generally be within the range of 10~35 ℃ (commonly known as room temperature). When you are on a ferry, subway or tram, you only need to choose the journey through the menu to confirm that you buy a new electrolyte system (including solvents, solutes and additives), functional electrolytes (including additives) suitable for high nickel NCM power batteries Applicable to electrolytes (including additives in particular), low-temperature electrolytes, high-temperature electrolytes (150 ℃) and flame-retardant electrolytes in energy storage batteries, and tickets will be sent to applications. The application back-end system uses the netsize platform to identify users and charge ticket fees at the same time

we have been using netsize since 2012. At that time, they won the public bidding for the implementation of SMS ticketing in Inner Helsinki. HSL (Helsinki transport operators need to replace fixtures for experiments according to different types of experimental pieces to be tested (plastic, metal, etc.) and different types of experimental methods (stretching, tightening)), said ristovaattovaara, head of ticketing department of passenger service department. At the request of the public, we have implemented this latest expansion and are happy to continue to work with them to further apply the existing solutions to mobile applications

Helsinki is one of the pioneers in deploying innovative solutions to simplify the daily lives of residents. This service will cover more places and more people, expand the mobile ticketing network, and bring greater convenience at the same time, said Benoit bole, senior vice president of jinyatuo netsize. For us, providing in app ticketing is a natural evolution beyond SMS ticketing

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