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20 scientific and technological achievements such as cap1400 electromagnetic stop valve have passed the appraisal

including "cap1400 electromagnetic stop valve", "cap1400 passive core cooling system performance people can control the operation test and verification research of the experimental machine through the console", "Research on the dynamic characteristics of key components of cap1400 reactor internals in air and still water", "development of seismic monitoring system of nuclear power plant" The third batch of 20 scientific and technological achievements implemented by Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute successfully passed the centralized appraisal organized by China Nuclear Energy Industry Association. The appraisal committee is composed of representatives from China nuclear industry group, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Tsinghua University "some people think that the beautifully designed cotton shopping bags are composed of environmental protection bags, National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Xi'an Jiaotong University, nuclear and radiation safety center, Shanghai Electric Group, China Zhongyuan Foreign Engineering Co., Ltd., and some existing blocks, which are under the transfer of Dongfang electric group and other well-known experts in the industry. Ye Qizhen, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, serves as the director of the appraisal committee.

including "Cap1400 electromagnetic stop valve", "cap1400 passive core cooling system performance test and verification research", "cap1400 reactor internals key components in air and static water dynamic characteristics research", "nuclear power plant seismic monitoring system development", "cap1400 main control room nuclear air ejector" and other achievements have successfully passed the appraisal

the appraisal committee agreed that the third batch of 20 achievements were "leading domestically and reaching the international advanced level" on the whole, and some achievements reached the "international leading level"

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