Top ten events XCMG heavy truck has to say in 2018

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In 2018, XCMG heavy truck has to say ten major events

in 2018, XCMG heavy truck has to say ten major events

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1 reached a new high, and the growth rate of heavy truck sales was the second in the industry, ranking firmly in the top ten.

XCMG heavy truck focused on "five resources", highlighted "three balances", deeply promoted the "platform + specialization" operation mode, refined the classification and built 11 product and professional marketing platforms, and the enterprise revenue and sales hit a record high, realizing the sales of 25430 sets of various products throughout the year, with a year-on-year increase of 32.9%; The operating revenue was 5.226 billion yuan, an increase of 41% year-on-year; With the overall growth rate of the second in the industry, it ranks among the top ten in the industry

2 strong strength, won awards in many events, and became popular inside and outside the industry

Hanfeng team carries the mass-produced version of Hanfeng G7 500 horsepower 6 × 4. The tractor competed in the 2018 China (International) Taklimakan automobile and motorcycle cross-country rally and won the T4 quantity. Then clamping the specific upper and lower clamps can not maintain the coaxiality of the production truck group champion, showing the excellent quality of the chassis "special forces" for the majority of truck users; E300 pure electric van, the flagship product of new energy, achieved its first overseas sale and entered the third China new energy logistics vehicle challenge for the first time, winning four awards: best climbing, best wading, best power saving and user evaluation; E300 and Hanfeng G9 won the "first export electric light truck" and the "first recommended trunk line tractor" respectively; The wide body dump truck won the excellent brand award in the machinery industry of Jiangsu Province

3 cultural guidance, build a solid foundation for enterprise development

based on ten-year development, with the theme of "not forgetting the original intention, keeping the mission firmly in mind, and focusing on the new journey of heavy trucks", comprehensively combed the key elements of enterprise development in the past ten years, produced the album "mandao journey XCMG", established the enterprise comprehensive exhibition hall and product exhibition hall, customized the limited sales of commemorative edition "golden years", and successfully completed the asset handover and personnel placement of Nanjing XCMG automobile; Fully integrated into the 9th workers' Art Festival of XCMG group, it systematically planned and organized nearly 200 people to complete the whole project and won the excellent organization award; Comprehensively promote the talent training project, carry out "science and Technology Forum", "management forum", "Haifeng project" and "ingenuity Autobots" skill competitions, hire 13 highly skilled talents, and select 13 maintenance service elites to enter the expert pool. Liu Chuang, Zhang Tianchi, Hu Dongdong, etc. won the May 1st Labor Medal of Xuzhou, the chief technician of Tongshan District, and the gold medal worker of Tongshan district. The chassis section of the General Assembly branch won the title of Jiangsu model worker's home, and the enterprise won the title of Jiangsu worker's Bookstore and Xuzhou model worker's home. The characteristic cultural system of "excellent quality and value transcendence" has initially accumulated connotation

4 brilliant bloom, high-quality products establish an international image of high-end heavy trucks

Hanfeng G9 tractor appeared at the China (Panama) comprehensive brand exhibition, which was highly praised by President Barrera; For the first time in China, the hydro pneumatic suspension intelligent driverless engineering dump truck has been released, realizing many driverless functions such as autonomous loading and unloading, tracking driving, intelligent obstacle avoidance, etc., bringing the mine operation into a new realm of "smart mine"; Driverless engineering dump truck, national VI emission truck mounted crane truck, national VI emission concrete mixer truck, pure electric intelligent muck truck, and three pure electric chassis appeared at 2018 BMW Shanghai Exhibition; XCMG E300 pure electric van was widely praised for its participation in EV world electric vehicle exhibition in New Zealand

5 long term layout, R & D capacity building to a new level

focus on the construction of national technology centers, rebuild XCMG automotive technology center around market development and core competence building, form 10 and 22 professional R & D systems, and build a company level, center level, department level three-level R & D plan control mechanism; The development of 174 models was completed throughout the year, and models such as right-hand drive export vehicles and pure electric wide body dump trucks were successively put on the market. The R & D and industrialization project of Hanfeng series automobile products was steadily promoted, and won the first prize of XCMG scientific and technological progress award. It was successfully approved as Jiangsu provincial enterprise technology center and Jiangsu Commercial Vehicle Engineering Technology Center Research Center

6 precise positioning, further breakthroughs in overseas markets

further expansion of overseas markets, zero breakthroughs in Indonesia, Mongolia and Central Asia, and a total of more than 70 countries. Rapidly promote new market access certification, and add GCC certification in Gulf, ECE certification in New Zealand, ECE certification in Singapore, etc; Customized "Africa star" and "Asia Star" series developed for market segments were recognized by customers, achieving a sales revenue of 371million yuan, an increase of 49% year-on-year

7 strengthen control, significantly improve asset operation efficiency

promote the mixed reform of engineering construction companies, conduct independent accounting for financial service companies and engineering vehicle companies, and establish Shenzhen XCMG New Energy Automotive Technology Co., Ltd; Comprehensively revise the accounts receivable management and circular reconciliation system, establish a regular inspection mechanism for dealers' channel cars, a risk control center prevention and control mechanism, implement closed-loop credit management, strictly implement the 1/3/6 overdue control requirements, and activate the stock assets in multiple ways. The gross profit margin increased by 1.68%, the total annual profit increased by 88.2% year-on-year, and the profitability of the enterprise was further improved

8 professional lean, continue to promote the improvement of resource guarantee ability

focus on the market resource guarantee, be problem-oriented, reverse the solution, through in-depth promotion of process optimization and lean improvement, achieve the production pace to 8.5min/set, an increase of 19% year-on-year, the production capacity from 50 sets/day to 55 sets/day, the production capacity increased by 10%, and the production cycle shortened by 44%; At the beginning of December, the 30000th heavy truck produced in three years was rolled off the production line, the core energy and efficiency of Xinji real estate controller as a control system were further released, and the resource guarantee ability continued to improve

9 strike hard to comprehensively improve the "four properties" of products

focus on the improvement of the "four properties" of product adaptability, reliability, consistency and aesthetics, formulate the three-year quality system plan, release the quality red line, take the "3+4" basic renovation project as the starting point, extend the supplier and external market management in both directions, build a full value chain quality improvement system, and solve the shortcomings of physical quality; 270 quality improvements were carried out, and the trouble free mileage of Hanfeng tractor products was increased to nearly 15000 kilometers for the first time; The enterprise won the Xuzhou quality award

10 innovation driven. At the beginning, smart Xu Qilan Tu promoted the "four modernizations" of management, printed the management manual, adhered to innovation driven, and won the second prize of the 25th Jiangsu provincial enterprise management if there is no need to adjust the modernization innovation achievements, "Construction of credit sales system of automobile manufacturing enterprises based on service-oriented manufacturing" won the excellent award of the first professional manager management innovation competition of Xuzhou 2018 XCMG cup; Comprehensively improve the ERP system, launch the MES project, and officially launch the operation and maintenance of PDM, DMS, e Futong, etc. it should be considered that the shrinkage rate of plastic is greater than the full life cycle of metal production, supply, marketing and service products. The blueprint of "smart xuqi" was initially approved as a pilot enterprise for the implementation of the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization in Jiangsu Province in 2018

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