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Green forward Huangshan vigorously promotes new building energy-saving materials

Green forward Huangshan vigorously promotes new building energy-saving materials

May 12, 2015

[China paint information] move forward and develop in green. In recent years, Huangshan construction industry has vigorously carried out energy conservation and renewable energy utilization in civil buildings, developed low-energy green buildings, created a green ecological demonstration city, and built a livable city and a livable dream between green mountains and green waters

Huangshan Huayue environmental protection building materials Co., Ltd., which was put into operation in 2010, is the first manufacturer of new materials for aerated concrete in Huangshan. When I visited the company a few days ago, I saw that on the computer-controlled fully automated production line, batch by batch autoclaved sand aerated concrete blocks are being produced continuously, with an annual production volume of 120000 cubic meters. According to the person in charge of the Municipal Department of housing and urban rural development, this kind of sand aerated concrete block is a building energy-saving product promoted by the state. It mainly uses silicon materials such as tailings sand formed in metal smelting as raw materials. It has the characteristics of light weight, sound insulation, good heat preservation performance, impermeability, fire prevention and so on. It has fully reached the characteristics of one machine and multi-purpose. It is a new wall material that replaces the traditional clay solid brick. At present, the application of new wall materials like this has accounted for 100% of the total application of wall materials in Huangshan construction industry

Huangshan City has a good ecological environment, and green mountains and green water are the business cards of Huangshan City. Therefore, in urban construction, Huangshan City pays more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, and takes promoting building energy conservation and environmental protection as a key link in building an environment-friendly and resource-saving society. A series of documents and management regulations have been formulated and issued. In combination with the new construction, reconstruction and expansion of the City, Huangshan City has made great efforts to do a good job in new energy-saving technologies such as new walls, renewable resource utilization, green lighting, energy-saving doors and windows, etc The research and application of new materials have cultivated a number of leading enterprises of new thermal insulation materials, such as Huangshan Rui another Sheng, Huangshan Ankang with a relative humidity of more than 100% and Huangshan Huayue, vigorously develop green buildings in harmony with nature, and create a beautiful and livable city between green mountains and green waters

at the construction site of the shanty town reconstruction project on Xianrendong South Road in the downtown area, we can see that the roof waterproof engineering here adopts a new polymer material - ZhuoBao Tieyi MAC waterproof roll. Wujianhua, the designer of the project and the architect of the municipal Architectural Design Institute, told that in the past 50 years (n1=n2=50), Huangshan City has vigorously promoted the use of self-adhesive coiled materials such as MAC and BAC made of polymer materials. They are directly pasted during construction without other auxiliary materials and tools, which not only saves energy and environmental protection, but also has a particularly good anti-seepage effect. "If the traditional material is compared to raincoat waterproof, then the new material is skin waterproof. This material is closely bonded with concrete and will not produce hollowing and other phenomena. While protecting the environment, the effect of energy saving is very significant." Wu Jianhua said. It is reported that this self-adhesive waterproof membrane has been used in a number of construction projects such as Huangshan university training building and Xintan resettlement community, with a total area of more than 200000 square meters

since 2012, the development of green buildings in Huangshan has been steadily advancing. The projects of the East resettlement community in Yixian County, Shangri International Conference Center, public rental housing in CaoShi garden, Wenfeng garden in Tunxi District, etc. have been approved as provincial-level green building one and two-star demonstration projects respectively, and the East New area in the lower reaches of Xin'an River in the central city area has been listed as a provincial-level green ecological city demonstration. At the same time, Huangshan City has also been rated as the "national renewable energy building application demonstration city" by the Ministry of housing and urban rural development and the Ministry of finance. Driven by the demonstration city, Huangshan City has built nearly 6million square meters of solar thermal building integration project and 500000 square meters of ground source heat pump application project, truly realizing the large-scale application of renewable energy buildings. Huangshan City also won the "China Human Settlements Award", the highest national award that comprehensively reflects the city's overall achievements in improving human settlements, because of its excellent human settlements

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