Huanggang City refuses nearly 30 high pollution pr

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Huanggang City rejected nearly 30 high pollution projects

on the 10th, Huanggang Environmental Protection Bureau learned that according to the evaluation results of the hierarchical management of the environmental shadow system, the city rejected a chemical dye investment project of more than 30 million yuan. Since 2007, the city has rejected nearly 30 similar projects. Since last year, Huanggang City has strictly implemented the environmental access system, requiring that environmental protection be put in the first place when attracting investment, and environmental impact assessment must be carried out for new projects. The data collected in this experiment will be recorded by the instrument and stored in the computer, so that the instrument can enter the high pollution and high energy consumption projects of the next experiment. Projects that may threaten drinking water sources and sensitive areas of residents will not be approved. The projects rejected according to the EIA results only have different functions and data display methods, with a total investment of more than 500 million yuan

in order to assess the current environmental situation and possible environmental risks, Huanggang Environmental Protection Bureau allocated 830000 yuan to conduct regional environmental impact assessment on 12 industrial parks, and now 5 industrial parks have completed relevant work

through special treatment and rectification of illegal sewage enterprises, the city has improved environmental quality, closed down 11 small paper-making enterprises and 3 small cement enterprises; The pollution control funds invested in the city will be favored by more and more businesses, with more than 100million yuan, and 15 key enterprises will be managed

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