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Huangzhiyuan, chairman and President of Jinguang group, led a team to attend the opening ceremony of the second China International Fair

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on November 5, 2019, the second China International Fair, which attracted worldwide attention, opened ceremoniously

after attending the opening ceremony, Mr. Huang Zhiyuan, chairman and President of Jinguang group, said that the five points proposed by President Xi in the keynote speech of the opening ceremony to continue to promote the policy of high-level opening up. As a Nigerian overseas Chinese enterprise with different Indian structures, we feel that the state and the central government have extended their arms to support and welcome us in making the graphics display Chinese business at the best scale

president Huang Zhiyuan led a team to participate in the second China Import & Export Expo

Huang Zhiyuan said that as an overseas Chinese enterprise in Indonesia and a friendly bridge between China and Indonesia, the app of Jinguang group will unswervingly support China's opening policy of expanding the domestic import market, live up to the benefits and convenience created by the country for us, and take advantage of the advantages of countries along the "the Belt and Road" to firmly support China's opening policy of expanding the domestic market; While enjoying the policy dividends brought by further opening up the Chinese market, we will also actively help Chinese enterprises go global, strive to deepen app's commitment to "serve China" with our own innovative and high-quality development experience

this year, app also appeared in the Expo again, exhibiting the exhibition concept of "paper art world, paper leads the future". In the medical market, especially in the infusion set manufacturing market, the first "paper" art and life Museum was built in the quality life exhibition area of hall 6.1h

this life art museum with the theme of "paper" shows the diversified application of paper in the 24-hour life scene, fully demonstrates the artistry, diversity and scalability of paper, presents the infinite possibilities of paper to the audience, and gives the audience a shock that "paper and human life are so close to the future"

president Huang Zhiyuan took a group photo with the team at the app booth and encouraged everyone to make full use of the stage of the Expo to show the style of the app.

as the largest overseas Chinese enterprise in Indonesia, at the Expo, APP appeared with its forest, pulp, industrial paper, cultural paper, household paper, office paper and other high-tech environmental protection products, comprehensively demonstrating its efforts in implementing the "Forest Pulp paper integration" green industry development strategy

participating in the Expo for two consecutive years, APP constantly shows the application of new technologies in more life scenes, so as to bring more life experience of green environmental protection in the paper industry to consumers

at the same time, APP hopes that with an open and innovative attitude, it will not only promote its industrial transformation and upgrading in China, provide Chinese consumers with high-quality products, but also help China's paper industry enter a new stage of high-quality development. And there are multi-stage seals

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