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Huangshan "green packaging materials high-tech industrial base" passed the Review

the green packaging materials high-tech industrial base with Yongjia group as the main body passed the review of the provincial expert group, becoming Huangshan's first provincial-level green packaging materials high-tech industrial base with the principle of making large increments. After passing the review, the base will rely on the existing packaging and printing enterprises to further integrate the funds and uneven placement of the fuselage, which may also lead to the problem of technical resources, strengthen the technological innovation of characteristic industries, improve the scientific and technological innovation service system, and combine scientific planning and guidance, continue to extend and improve the packaging and printing industry chain, strengthen and expand the industrial cluster, so that this characteristic and advantageous industry can double the total amount by the end of the eleventh five year plan, From 960million yuan in 2006 to 2billion yuan in 2010, profits and taxes reached 200million yuan

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