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Li Keqiang meets with the president of France to focus on promoting cooperation in large projects and emerging fields

Li Keqiang meets with the president of France to focus on promoting cooperation in large projects and emerging fields

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Premier Li Keqiang met with French President Francois Hollande who was on a state visit to China at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse at noon on the 3rd

Li Keqiang said that the high-level exchanges between China and France are close, and the cooperation with Jinan experimental machine factory for low-cost consultation 0531 (8) is progressing smoothly. During my visit to France in June this year, I reached many achievements and consensus with Mr. President and Prime Minister Valls on further deepening China France relations. The two sides have taken new steps in cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy, finance and sustainable development. There is no pollution and low noise. China is willing to continue to make joint efforts with France to continuously deepen political mutual trust, focus on promoting cooperation in major projects and emerging fields, and deepen people to people and cultural exchanges, so as to make China France relations develop faster and better

Li Keqiang pointed out that the third-party market cooperation is a pioneering move to open a new type of North South cooperation and promote a better recovery of the world economy, which has gathered the consensus of both sides. The enterprises of the two countries have made positive progress in third-party market cooperation in nuclear energy and other fields. In the future, they need to take advantage of the trend from the perspective of smooth type, make good use of the China France mutual fund, start with the green environmental protection industry, implement good demonstration projects, and gradually become more practical and bigger. It is hoped that France will exert its influence and make active efforts on such issues as the facilitation of visas for Chinese personnel to Europe and the EU's termination of the use of "surrogate countries" in anti-dumping investigations on Chinese exports

Li Keqiang stressed that China is willing to strengthen cooperation with the international community, including France, on the issue of climate change, and promote the Paris climate change conference to reach a comprehensive, balanced and strong agreement based on the principles of common but differentiated principles, fairness and respective capabilities, so as to realize that climate change and sustainable development complement and promote each other

Hollande said that since Premier Li Keqiang visited France in June this year, positive progress has been made in economic cooperation between the two countries. France and China will continue to implement the achievements reached in nuclear energy and third-party market cooperation, strengthen cooperation in a wide range of fields, and promote the facilitation of bilateral trade and personnel exchanges. France and China have their own advantages in renewable energy, energy conservation and environmental protection industries. 1. In addition to their own hydraulic jaws, strengthening cooperation between the two sides can bring significant benefits. It is believed that China will play an important role in the success of the Paris climate change conference

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