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Light guide plate printing ink

the viny eight mat medium and viny eight gloss medium in the viny eight series of NAGase Screen Printing Co., Ltd. of Japan have excellent performance in light guide plate printing. The ink has superior brightness, reproducibility, tightness and strength

nagase report

viny eight (evaporative drying type)

light guide plate printing ink


easy to dry (good ink separation and release)

finger drying is rapid and effective

excellent alcohol resistance

excellent adhesion to PMMA


good weather resistance. (depending on the color)

good uniformity


drying time: finger drying minutes (20 degrees) under natural conditions. Practical drying for 3 hours

the drying time varies according to different printing materials, ink film thickness and printing environment

55 ° drying time is 45 minutes

60 ° drying time is 20 minutes

Changshu national high tech Industrial Development Zone is located in the core area of the Yangtze River Delta. Diluent:

standard solvent (common use)

especially so the development of monitoring and analysis system is particularly important. Solvent (late drying)

please use different solvents according to the printing time

application industry:

LCD, ultra-thin light box, medical film viewer, computer luminous keyboard and other household appliances

information source: China ink

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