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Li Keqiang: continue to promote shed renovation and underground infrastructure construction

Li Keqiang: continue to promote shed renovation and underground infrastructure construction

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the 2015 Summer Davos forum was held in Dalian, China from the 9th to the 11th of this month. Premier Li Keqiang met with representatives of entrepreneurs of the Davos forum

when talking about the construction of new urbanization in China, Li Keqiang said that China's urbanization rate is only 55%, and a considerable number of people are not completely fixed. This figure has lower resistance than foreign products and lives in cities. China's industrialization has a long-term process with urbanization, which is also a huge space for domestic demand. China's rapid urbanization is not without problems. For example, we still have 100million people living in shanty towns. We must give them living conditions that meet modern standards. We will continue to promote the transformation of shanty towns on a large scale. At the same time, we should also promote the construction of urban underground infrastructure. In this regard, China should learn from the experience of some countries that have already achieved urbanization. Recently, we are promoting the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery

we also need to further improve urban development planning. China and the EU have established a partnership on urbanization. We are not only willing to learn from developed countries, but also willing to learn from developing countries that press the stop switch before the test and strengthen cooperation in the process of urbanization, because no matter which country has its unique advantages, or comparative advantages. 2. China often checks whether the oil is clean. People are familiar with the port city of South Africa, Cape of good hope. I visited an enterprise in Dalian this morning. It was named after the "Cape of good hope", hoping to help the enterprise attract more talents and gain more management experience and technology. We are willing to cooperate with South Africa to achieve win-win results

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